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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Last Kiss

This was last night's Netflix flick. They said "Thirtysomething couple Michael (Zach Braff) and Jenna (Jacinda Barrett) face parenthood and other life-changing events in this ensemble drama, a remake of Italian director Gabriele Muccino's film L'Ultimo Bacio. The story follows Michael and Jenna as they navigate the challenging responsibilities of parenthood and the deterioration of their own aging parents. Blythe Danner, Casey Affleck, Rachel Bilson and Tom Wilkinson co-star. " I think that Zach Braff is really carving out a niche in the tortured romance category. Contrary to the role he plays on television, he is actually quite good at playing tortured. Poor Zach. He's always getting the shaft. It was kind of a low-key, mildly entertaining movie. I'd recommend adding it to your queue if you're searching for a movie that you've never heard of and can't find anything better. I don't even know how I found it to put it in my queue. One of those magical phenomenons, no doubt. Next up: Harold and Maude. Stay tuned.


I'm on vacation tomorrow for a friend's birthday, so really it feels like Friday to me! In spite of that, I'll take a Thirsty Thursday any day of the week. Tonight there is a going away party for a co-worker right after work. Then I'll need to zip home to take care of little Peanut. After that I need to go out to celebrate a friend's birthday at the stroke of midnight. Hopefully I'll get some sleep before my trip tomorrow. I need to rest up because we have a big day of gambling and debauchery planned! I can hardly wait. Oh, and I had the Filet and Veggie griller at the Outback last night. Nummy nummersons. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Maybe it is the photo of the sea that keeps Cancun in my thoughts...or maybe it is the fuzzy-headedness I've been experiencing today... but I've decided to post random pictures from Cancun. Today's specimen is a favorite of mine from a friend's camera. We were drinking the big drink at Patty O'Briens. Good times.


I went out for karaoke last night to meet an old friend. How come every time I'm in that situation, one drink turns into five and it is closing time? Well, it was good catching up anyhow. Now I am just focusing on cheering up...and drinking my coffee. I've got plans to go Outback tonight. I'm so excited for something on the barbie! Let's hope I can stay awake until then.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I spend a lot of free time checking up on what my siblings are doing. Hopefully this will pass the time in between their posts. I painted the living room tan with one red wall two weekends ago. It is going to look fabulous with new wood flooring. Now it seems I just need to pick out the flooring. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate shopping? Yesterday I had gutters put on the back corner of my house. I'm so excited for it to rain! Bring it on. That is all for now. I'll keep ya posted as the situation develops.


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