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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hearts All A Flutter

As I am still working on getting rid of the headache from last week, I'm not so happy to say that the heart fluttering has returned. It seemed it had been awhile since I had heart fluttering. I thought perhaps it was stress related because although I experienced fluttering before my trip to Mexico in February and after my trip, I did not have a problem at all while relaxing on the beach oceanside. After Mexico, at some point they went away. It is funny how you don't pay attention when you are feeling well, but you can do nothing else while feeling off. I wish I could describe it better because I know I haven't come up with anything better than if feels like muffled fluttering and it usually makes me lose my breath. I was just reading up online about heart flutters and most of the posts were from people in their 20s and 30s. Maybe it is more common than I thought. There was also a lot of mention about doctors not taking it too seriously because of the young age. Why then do I not feel right when my heart is fluttering? Why do I feel sick and worn out? I'm tired.

Friday, June 27, 2008

An Unfortunate Setback

Wednesday night I had a headache come to visit and settle in for an extended vacation. I woke up Thursday with the same evil pain crushing my head. I called in sick and spent half the day sleeping and the other half in a dark room watching movies. Thursday was supposed to be the evening to plant the other half of my shrubs. The overcast skies taunted me with the possibility of rain, but never produced any. I kept thinking that if it would just rain, I would feel less guilty about my inability to finish my shrub-planting job.

Now of course today I have a half day of work, but it may very well be raining. I do still have some remnants of a headache left, so it makes me concerned to over exert myself out in the yard, but I may have to power through the pain to save my plants from a meltdown in this heat. I've agreed to go to the La Crosse Community Theatre Patron Gala tonight, so I hope to keep my head relatively pain free. It usually makes an evening out so much more enjoyable without the pain. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And Then There Were 5

Through the heat and repeated harassment from my neighbors, I managed to get five shrubs in the ground last night! They even got a good watering. I believe I'll have to pick up some mulch to help keep the little guys moist, but I am halfway done! I used superfluous dirt and sod to fill in the one remaining clothesline post hole and the random sinkholes throughout my yard. I also moved the lilac bush over to the edge of the future patio location (you'll just have to see it for yourself). I'd take pictures for you, but I have one of those old-fashioned cameras that requires film and processing and buying a CD of pictures, and... you get the point. Maybe at my Fourth of July picnic I can convince one of my wealthy, digital camera-owning relatives to snap a photo for me. Tonight I have dinner plans, so it can rain all it wants to! Thursday I am hoping for sun.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Planning A Plant-A-Thon

I just caught a glimpse of the weather forecast for the rest of the week and was disheartened to see little black clouds and lightening bolts! I've got a whole row of hedges that haven't sunken into the ground yet. I'll probably have to dig holes for them.... tonight. I thought maybe I could get two in the ground each night, now I'm hoping for all ten. I maybe should have been a little more productive last night, but when an old friend calls for cocktails, I must answer the call. I'm starting to feel the stress of too much on my to-do list. If only Peanut could lend a paw.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Collaborative Weekend

Due to a collaborative effort, I got a lot accomplished this weekend! Saturday I spent doing yard work. I got the hedges trimmed and my neighbor came over to trim my low-hanging tree branches. I did some putsy yard work including picking up sticks, weeding, and planting. I was pretty tired by the time evening rolled around. Then a friend came over to pull out my clothesline posts for me and treat me to dinner and drinks! How lucky am I? Sunday started early with a few inside chores including giving Peanut a bath. He must have known he was a smelly little boy, because he hardly resisted when I pulled him down the hall and pushed him into the bathroom. My little Peanut amazed me when he nosed up to the tub and hopped in all on his own! Then my parents treated me to breakfast and some shopping. By the time we were perusing the shrubs at Shopko, the sky had clouded over and before we knew it, Mom and I were waiting out a rain storm in the garden tent. As I loaded shrubs into the truck it continued to sprinkle on us and when I pulled into my driveway to unload, it began pouring again. So it continued throughout the night as I alternately ran inside for shelter and then ventured out again to walk my dog, unload the shrubs and pull them to the back yard to set them up, watch a movie with mom, and make diner for the folks. This morning I peered out my back bedroom window to look at the proud shrubs standing tall along the back of my property line. They make me so happy! Now I just have to get them planted.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Plasma No Go

With the lingering tiredness from my back-to-back evenings out and the lingering bruises on my arms from my last plasma donation attempt, I cancelled my second plasma appointment for this afternoon. It feels like dropping your cash at the ATM on a windy day. Ba bye green. *tear* The good news is that it has opened up my afternoon for a nap... ah... I mean house cleaning. It is strange how two nights away from my house has left me feeling like it is a disaster area. The inside needs a good once over and my plants outside have been severely neglected lately and could use some attention. Plus I still have more trim to paint. At this point I feel like I'll be painting for the rest of my life. I guess that is the joy of home ownership, er no?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's A Real Date!

Well, that is what Blondy said anyhow when we made plans for tonight. We wanted to see Forgetting Sara Marshall at the Rivoli and the show doesn't start until 9:55pm! Blondy decided that she should treat me to a dinner at The Freighthouse since she is rolling in green. I once commented that I have been on more dates with her than with boys. She said this one would be a real date because it is dinner and a movie. At least now I'll know what to expect from a date. Maybe some day I'll have a REAL real date.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not My Cup Of Fluids

So, I arrived at the plasma donation center bright and a few minutes late around six this morning. They handed me a binder of information to read and I thought, "Are you kidding me? I can't read and comprehend at six am with no caffeine in my system!" All of my initial tests went well and they put together my file and sent me back out to do electronic questions. After completing those, I went to meet with a nurse lady who asked me more questions. She seemed to ask way too many questions about my allergies and got very worked up about my sore foot. Who knows. After even more questions, a physical, and a snack, I was hitting the floor to find my relaxing donation chair. I pulled myself up onto the chaise-type lounger at about 7:30. The first three ladies who tried to find my veins made funny faces and went in search of the next lady to pass me off on. The third assured me that if I waited patiently for a few minutes "the professional" would come over to stick me. He did in fact stick me, but to no avail. The right arm was just painful and the left arm only squirted out a little of my blood. His eyes started scanning the room and I knew he was looking for someone else to take over. Around 8:30, finally a lady came and stuck my right arm again and after some prodding and poking with her needle, was able to get a vial of blood for testing. That means if I go back to donate, I won't need to do the physical all over again. What a relief! I was thinking that was the worst part! If they could just pay me to do the physical over and over again, I would be a happy camper. Honestly, I have fluids to give if they could just extract them from me!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Past Became The Present

The past seems to have plowed full force right into the present. A lot has transpired since I first pencilled in my plasma donation appointment. Isn't it peculiar how we perpetually evolve? I thought it would be such a long wait and now that the appointment peers at me from tomorrow's calendar, I'm pleading for more time! I will need to pull in to the plasma donation place by six o'clock in the morning! The physical and initial donation could persist for two or three hours, so I hope after that kind of commitment I will be permitted to donate. I've had problems giving blood in the past, but I'm hoping my veins will be pleased by the idea of superfluous money. Considering my plan to have a part-time job over the summer has not yet panned out, the extra income would be positive for my pocketbook!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Say Tomato, I Say Salmonella

But I've grown to love the seedy little vegetables! Or are they fruits? Whatever they're called these days, I started with a strong resentment of the juicy seediness. I don't think it helped that my mother used to eat homegrown tomatoes with sugar (I'm not very fond of the sweets). At many late-night Perkins dining experiences I ordered sandwiches without tomatoes only to be served a sandwich with tomato seeds and juices--a sure sign they put tomatoes on and then removed them once realizing their error. I used to complain that if I were allergic to tomatoes, they could kill me with tomato remnants! Then last year I started changing my eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables (the tomatoes have you covered there). I've actually become quite fond of the extra flavor of a tomato on my sandwich. Realizing my error in judgment of the delectable fruit, I thought I should try a BLT. As I child, I was definitely only a BL eater and really didn't care for them because of the blahness of a BL. I jumped in feet-first to my first BLT experience in many moons by trying the critically acclaimed John's Bar BLT. It was more delicious then I could have possibly imagined! Now I find myself daydreaming about the toasted french bread, oh-so-crispy bacon, crunchy lettuce, and succulent tomatoes. I started thinking about one yesterday and before I could squelch the thoughts, they had turned into a full-blown craving. What a horrible time to be craving tomatoes! Lucky for me, John's delivered the goods with tomatoes they assured me were salmonella-free. Here's hoping because I have another half of a BLT to eat for dinner!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What A Day

Oh for the love of...! My morning started at 7:19am, because apparently I turned off the alarm at six. I crawled out of bed thinking I had such a busy weekend that I was so tired. As the water from the shower began to wash away the cobwebs from my brain, I realized it was Tuesday. Where did Monday go? It is Z93 Night at the Loggers, but my beer-drinking companion bailed on me. I was considering my options for the evening, one of which included spending some quality time with Peanut and getting my exercise in. Then, like the blue skies this morning, fate smiled down on me and one of my co-workers came looking for Loggers tickets, so I'm back in the game! As I sat down to lunch with my chicken-salad pita with cucumbers and tomatoes, I surfed the internet and found an interesting story about how tomatoes are being pulled from grocery shelves due to a salmonella outbreak. Great! I hear that the sickness could hit within 12-72 hours. Since I had the other half of this tomato yesterday, I'm right in the middle of the danger zone. I warned my co-workers if I call in sick tomorrow, it probably isn't due to the after affects of alcohol. And then as I tried to post this story of my harrowing day, the blog site failed and I lost the whole damned thing! This is my second attempt. Tonight better be fanflippintastic. What a day and I'm only halfway through!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Whirlwind Weekend

Literally. I began Saturday morning bright and early. By 8:15am I was on the road heading towards Drugan's to donate my time to the Charlie Kearn's Memorial Golf Tournament. I volunteered to be a witnesses for a big-prize hole, sit out on the golf course, and have a few beverages for the greater good. Last year I got sun burned, so I wore shorts and a short-sleeved top and lots of sun screen. As I drove, I thought how lucky they were to have gotten a bright, sunny morning. After a half hour or so of sitting on the golf course, the storm clouds started moving in. Within an hour and a half, my sun screen had washed away and we were huddled in a shed in the middle of a golf course waiting for the storm to blow over so they could continue the tournament. The only thing that kept us hanging on was the beverage cart lady that kept us company (and drinking). By the time the rain let up, my shift was over and I headed back home to meet up with my house guests. They were planning to attend a family reunion in Veteran's Memorial Park and suckered me into tagging along. We had adequate weather for a good chunk of the afternoon and then it began thundering. The storm was still far away, but the thunder just kept rolling on and on. When it hit, it hit hard and fast. We closed up all the doors to the shelter except one to peer out from. We watched the hail bouncing off the grass as the kids played bingo at the back of the shelter. At six o'clock I finally got my house guests to take me home and on our way out of the park the calls started coming. My family was concerned because they had heard something similar to this: "According to the National Weather Service in La Crosse's web site, an EF1 tornado, with estimated wind speeds of 90 to 110 miles per hour, touched down at around 5:45pm Saturday near Barre Mills, just east of Russian Coulee Road. The tornado destroyed a metal barn and took part of the roof off another." as reported by WKBT.
As I joked that we waited out a tornado in a shelter, I had no idea there actually had been one about five miles from us. I headed home to check if it was still there and luckily it was, Peanut and all. The rest of my evening and most of my night's sleep was underscored with rolling thunder, but nothing as severe as what I had already been through. *Whew* what a whirlwind weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Doughnut Day!

Apparently it is National Doughnut Day. I want one! I remember the Fridays when I was working at Fox that I would get to work and after sitting around for an hour with nothing to do, I would run to Mr. D's to get doughnuts. That was back when Mr. D's was a restaurant and doughnut shop. Oh, those were the days. I could really go for one of those deliciously glazed blueberry doughnuts right now. *sigh* Lucky for me, a couple co-workers decided it was brat day. They will fire up the grill in about an hour and start throwing those tasty sausages over the flames. I can't wait. It almost makes up for the fact that I didn't get a doughnut on National Doughnut Day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Batter Up

I'm going to need some time off from my stressful job midweek to enjoy some baseball and beer. This road trip to Milwaukee tomorrow is going to officially kick off my baseball beer drinking season. I'm not sure if you're aware of what a slippery slope that is. I already have plans for my first La Crosse Logger's Party Deck experience next Tuesday with Z93. I also have an upcoming game on Father's Day. And what about my forgotten tickets for regular seats this Saturday? I'm looking for baseball fans that may enjoy sitting down to take those off my hands. With no theatrical commitments this summer, I may just learn something about baseball.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Reports of a possible foot fracture have been denied. After hours of sitting around in a doctor's office this afternoon, the doctor has confirmed that there is no break in my foot (apart from an old broken toe). Lucky for me, I wasted money and my time sitting in a doctors office to get the sage advice to buy better walking shoes and take some ibuprofen. Interesting to note that I also did not break my toe while in Mexico. That means it was probably only jammed. It still hurt like a son of a b.

A Whirlwind Weekend

After a Saturday of painting at my house, I spent the evening relaxing in the backyard on my new patio over red wine, pleasant conversation, and the buzz of the races. I quickly curtailed a spur of the moment clothes line removal, but am now motivated to tackle that project by the light of the sun.

I arrived at my parent's home on Sunday to my sibling's families playing in the backyard. As I understand it, my nephew came a long way in his frisbee playing skills and I have full faith he will be a professional by my Fourth of July picnic. I pulled a few weeds in my mother's flower beds and then relinquished my resolve under the heat of the midday sun.

We spent the afternoon cooling off indoors and then enjoyed a late lunch together before my brother's family packed up and headed back toward the hills. I learned over the weekend that my sore foot may in fact be a stress fracture and I'm considering a doctor visit. I hate to spend the money on a visit if it turns out to be nothing. Oh the torture of having to spend money on useless things like doctors.

Anyhoo, by sundown on Sunday, I was ready to put up my sore feet and watch a movie. Peanut was too exhausted to stay up for the movie and had to go to bed early.


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