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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy Crapcakes Batman!

Is that counter on the right side of my page counting down to Halloween? It says I have less than three days! So far I've purchased a pattern for my Halloween costume. I still need to head out to get the fabric, figure out how to modify the pattern slightly, and put it together! I guess this shows times a tickin'. This year I hope to find fabric that will support my pattern as being a nurse's costume. I have got these white go go boots from last Halloween that I think will look snappy for a nurse. You know how they appreciate stylish footwear. Anyway, I'm on it. Pretty soon I'll be posting pics of my adventures, so stay tuned.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Isn't That Lucky?

I officially began my birthday celebration last Tuesday as I packed my bags and shipped Peanut off to the folks in preparation for a mini-vacation. I really had wanted to go to Las Vegas for my thirtieth birthday since I've always wanted to go and never have. I got my big paycheck from my cashed out 401k and looked into a trip west. My travel companion, we'll call him Rich, had work conflicts with the cheapest air fare departure times, so the planning stalled. When we both realized we had already set our hearts on getting away for a few days, we chose door # 2: a mini-vacation to Door County.

Crap, if I had known how long the drive was, I may have come to my senses. Once we arrived at Gordon Lodge on the North Bay, I was so happy to have made the trip. The lobby was decorated in '60s stylings with a big built-in bench surrounding a fireplace and old operator cables behind the desk to connect calls to the rooms. The rooms themselves were decorated with retro furniture (some of which I've had my eye on in the CB2 catalog). The bathrooms looked original with pink tiles, pink fixtures, and a small pink laminate counter. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

Rich and I headed out onto the circle drive on Wednesday morning. We stopped at little stores and antique shops and even made it to the end of the sticky out thing to look out at Washington Island (we think). On the way down the other side, we practically ran right into the Shipwrecked Brewery and had to stop for a bite to eat.

After a bite and a sip and another sip and then another, we made our way back towards Gordon Lodge. We got side tracked at a bar that had a train track around the bar and had our drinks delivered to us on the train! After a few more stops in Bailey's Harbor and ushering in my birthday at midnight, we called it a night. I slept well on this birthday eve. Back in the car on the way home, it felt like it had been such a long time since we had made the trek out. I think that is the sign of a good, relaxing vacation. I really did get worries, just fun.

The trip was followed with my traditional birthday dinner at The Freighthouse on my birthday and I had a birthday party the day after at a local tavern. I hired a karaoke buddy to keep us entertained and tapped a keg. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I feel lucky to have friends and family to celebrate with me, no matter the occasion.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survived, But Stickier

Well, the girls and I survived the big weekend in the woods! We did have someone else set up our tent for us, but we were really roughing it this year! After having lunch at the Trempealeau Hotel (sampling the local cuisine), we headed into the woods to our campsite. It was on a quiet little bend in the road and due to a leaf suspended in the drive way by a spider web, I'd like to call it Lone Leaf Campsite.

We played a little cards (a tradition), which included trying to figure out the rules of the game we play every year. Once figured out, we were going to write the rules down in our travel journal, but I'm afraid that didn't happen this year. We did manage to journal about other interesting happenstance and read our journal entries from last year (the inaugural year of the journal). I believe that is going to become greater fun with each passing year. We enjoyed hot dogs over the fire with s'mores for dessert (one rogue marshmallow attached itself to my shoe to pick up leaves around the campfire).

This year we had a couple older ladies join us to play guitar and host a sing-a-long. We even got them a little liquored up with us! One little drinker may have had too much to drink. It all came back out before she turned in for the night around 9pm. The other two campers refused to sleep in the same tent as the puker, so one hauled a cot out to the fire and the other attempted to sleep in the back seat of her car. I braved the tent to curl up in my sleeping bag on an air mattress and enjoyed a good night sleep.

All except the rude awakening in the middle of the night when I thought my cot-sleeping friend was enjoying a snack of chips. As I heard the loud crinkle, crinkle, crinkle sound of the chip bag I thought to myself that there wasn't even that many chips left in the bag. Then the plastic cookie container came out. That was even louder! I was thinking "JUST GET THE COOKIES OUT ALREADY!"

It was at that moment that I heard our midnight snackers scamper off behind the tent and into the woods. Surprisingly enough, raccoons had eaten all our remaining food they could get to...and all within five feet of our cot-sleeping friend. Point being, I think we learned a few valuable lessons if in fact next year proves to also be a "recession girlie weekend."

Although short-lived, we did have a great time. Girlie weekend is all about catching up with good friends, kicking back, and talking girlie. Mission accomplished. The only thing missing was our new mommy friend. As we pulled out of our campsite, we waved good-bye to the lone leaf. Two days later as I was unpacking my bag, it brought a smile to my face to find two marshmallows hiding out in my shoe as if refugees from Lone Leaf Campsite.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Takin' Stock

Of what I have and what I haven't. What do I find? A healthy balance on the credit side.*  I am lucky to have found work once again wielding a paint brush at my friend's house. This will be the final room to be painted on their second floor. I still have some trim work to do elsewhere, but this has to be the biggest project left. It will, no doubt, keep me occupied for a few days. Girlie weekend has finally arrived, which unfortunately has turned into girlie day considering we will probably be spending 24 hours or less in the woods. I am still looking forward to cooking over a campfire and snuggling up in a sleeping bag. I haven't been camping in a very, very long time. Maybe next time we can try two nights in the woods. Soon it will be birthday time. It seems that at this time of year, I tend to sort out my life into a "keep" and a "donate" pile. Like my Goodwill clothing donations, sometimes there are things that you need to let go of. I believe this year I may find a lot of things I have outgrown. The best thing about shedding the old and worn out is picking the new things that fit you better or you can grow into. All in all, I've got no diamonds, got no pearls...still I think I'm a lucky girl. I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night.*

*Annie Get Your Gun

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Beginnings

As I was thinking about my friend playing the waiting game, Lucy was already arriving into this world. Congratulations! Actually, I must have instictually known, because I was out celebrating with a cold, frosty beverage. New babies are so full of pure spirit. They aren't yet bogged down by thoughts of I can't do that, It will be too hard, or I'm not good enough/strong enough/smart enough. Little ones are all about discovering what they can do. They look at the world through positive eyes seeing only possibilities. It is with great hope that I can learn from the littlest of us (not the midgets) and look towards my future. I filed for my LLC today and am looking forward to all the possibilities ahead. And sure as hell, I will be celebrating with a cold, frosty beverage tonight!


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