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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This week I explored my Scandinavian heritage. My grandmother used to always make these delicate, lacy, scroll-shaped holiday treats and I inherited the special iron which has been cooling it's heels in the back of my cupboard for almost four years. My brother loved grandma's scrolls and a few years ago his wife gave me a cookie cookbook with the recipe for krumkake. I had no idea it had a name other than "scrolls." I figured that cookbook gift was a serious hint to put my iron to good use, but still, it remained cold. My mother told me that it was really a project for two people. She said my grandma and her friend used to get together to make the treats. One would tend the iron and the other would roll the krumkake. Could this specialty really be made by just one girl? On Monday I decided to finally give it a try. Nervous about the whole process, I diligently set out everything I needed and I turned the burner on. The recipe warned that the first few may turn out dark, but after four or five scorched treats, I turned the burner down. I decided that the cookbook's suggestion of fifteen seconds per side wasn't working for me. The krumkake really stuck to the first side, so I reduced the length of time on the first side before flipping the iron over. Apart from burning myself on the metal (and very hot) handle, I was actually getting the hang of it! The first few beautifully light-colored scrolls I made brought joy to my heart. I could actually do this! It is a wonderful thing to teach yourself something new and it is even better to be able to share the product of that with my family who have gone without scrolls for far too long. Happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Storm

With warnings from my sister and a friend, I prepared for our first big snow storm. I headed to my sister's to enjoy a quick internet session to catch up on emails and the such. When I emerged from her basement the sky was darker and the snow was coming down fast. I had to brush off my car before hitting the road. I postponed my trip to the grocery store in favor of getting home more quickly. I took the long way home, but was able to travel at a comfortable pace and made it over the hill safely. I shovelled my driveway that night to ease the pain of shovelling the whole twelve-inch snowfall at once. I was glad I did. The next day's light showed more snow on my driveway than I expected. The good news was that it wasn't snowing very hard on day two of the big storm. By the afternoon my driveway was cleared and so had the sky. I had planned to do some holiday baking during the storm, but the shining sun was begging me to hang my holiday garland on the front of my house. I conceded and I'm sure glad I did. For some reason, little white lights twinkling in between the boughs give me great joy. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Need A Little Christmas

I may be rushing things, but I need a little Christmas right this very minute. I’ve hauled out the holly and put up my Christmas tree. I even hung stockings and my evergreen bow. Yesterday listening to my itunes XMAS playlist, I decked the halls again. Each old Christmas decoration I unwrapped brought a smile to my face and another smile as I found the perfect place to display it in my home. Decorating for the holidays makes me crave pizza since this was our traditional Christmas Eve meal growing up. Santa always was left a slice! After a few slices of my own and a few more songs, I poured a glass of my brother’s mead (a new holiday tradition) and put my feet up to bask in the warm glow of little white lights. Mame’s “We Need A Little Christmas” began to play and it’s lyrics resonated with me… For I’ve grown a little leaner Grown a little colder Grown a little sadder Grown a little older And I need a little angel Sitting on my shoulder Need a little Christmas now I’m sure they would resonate with a lot of people this Christmas season. My advise to you is to deck your halls, steep yourself in traditions, and remember that the holiday season is about the people you share it with. Oh, and Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry.


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