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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weather Is Turning

Unfortunately it's getting colder! With spring getting closer and closer, why are the temperatures going down? Luckily this winter I've received some assistance. I've got fuel to heat my home and even better, a new gas furnace on the way! After receiving heating assistance this year, I was contacted to have my home weatherized. Upon inspection, my assessor man determined that my furnace was overly excessive for the size of my home. He deemed that it should be replaced at no cost to me. All I have to do now is wait for the frost to lift so I can have the gas lines installed and then I'll get my new furnace. How exciting! In the meantime, I'll also get a new freezer to remind me how cold it could be. *Scroll down to see my new New Favorite Recipe in the right column. I promise it will be delicious!*

Monday, February 9, 2009

C'est La Vie

So the fates decided that Twelfth Night was not for me. I should have known that merrymaking was a little too much to ask for. There is no merrymaking in moving, that is for sure. My lawyer advised me to find a rich man to marry me or pack my bags. I guess it is about time. I’ve been acting like I was an independent woman who could take care of herself and I guess it’s just not for me. Deep down, I’m a 1950’s housewife who prides herself on keeping a clean home, trying out new recipes, and being the perfect hostess. The only problem is that I’m missing the other half who brings home the bacon, files the taxes, and plays the bartender. Moving forward I guess I’ll either need to find that man or finally figure out a way to do it all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Twelfth Night

Is a holiday on the last day of the Christmas festivities and observed as a time of merrymaking. Oh, and it's a play by that Shakespeare fellow. I auditioned for the La Crosse Community Theatre's production of Twelfth Night last night. I had been debating the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune all day long. Meaning, I think I was waiting for a sign to pierce my heart and send me to the theatre on a cloud. As luck would have it, I found a sign in my mailbox at 5:30pm when I took my dog out. I had a letter bestowing on me assistance for fuel to heat my hearth. What joyousness was this? This was a good sign that things tend to work out in the end. My heart was bursting with joy (perhaps an arrow?). I quickly prepared to fly over to the theatre to make the 7pm audition time. Now it is in the hands of fate. I fulfilled my end of the bargain by getting my butt to the theatre. Now I'm waiting to find out if being in this production is in the stars for me. I'm hoping for a cause for merrymaking.

Monday, February 2, 2009

In A Cave Many Miles To The South

I've been working with the brand new Muse Theatre for their inaugural performance of Bat Boy: The Musical. Standing at the front desk greeting patrons, I can't help but feel the excitement and the sense that this is the beginning of something. I stayed to watch the show for the very first time last Saturday and have to admit I was entertained. Early on in the planning for the show, I had read a portion of the play and deemed it was not for me.

Although, I don't regret not being in the show, I am happily surprised to have found the play so humorous and touching. The actors were all quite impressive. Their voices resonated from the rafters and sucked me in to their story of a boy born with fangs in his mouth, stripped of his dignity, beat like a gong, and kicked repeatedly. It is truly a universal story of love and acceptance.

The newly renovated church plays a character in this tale as well. The large circular window overhead serves as the moon and the shadows cast on the theatre walls from the windows lend just the right amount of atmosphere for a story that begins deep in a cave. The only thing missing would have been a rogue bat flying down from the bell tower.

You can get more information on The Muse Theatre and Bat Boy: The Musical at And if you’re so inclined, come to visit me at the front desk for this final weekend of performances. I promise you’ll be entertained as well.


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