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Monday, June 29, 2009

Farewell WI Guests

I had a stellar time visiting with my sister and her husband over the weekend. They enjoyed the Land of Lincoln as well from the looks of it!
I was lucky enough that a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore opened the doors for the next love of my life: my new buffet and hutch (bar). I've already moved all my bar ware here to the cabinet. It kind of makes me feel like home to have a bar in my house finally. *sigh* I really am in love. Oh, did I mention it only ran me $45?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The heat index in Springfield is 105 today. The little Maxima's air conditioner is not equipped to handle this heat. It barely blows any cool air. Luckily my work and home are air conditioned. Except that my power went off this morning about 12:30am for no apparent reason. Peanut only suffered the heat a few hours before it was back on. I'm not sure what that was about, but the air is still running strong as of lunch time. Speaking of which, I had the most fantastic lunch. I purchased a whole foods cook book and have been trying out new recipes. This is the best so far. I'll post the recipe on the side bar with the lonely girl serving. I also made myself a singular shortcake last night to go with my strawberries (because I'm addicted to berries right now). I'll post that as well, because, hey... when it is 105 degrees, I can have strawberry shortcake if I want to damnit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Not The Heat It's The Alcohol

Well, my Dave Matthews Band guest and I weathered the horrendous heat last night without too much damage. Our limo bus arrived and would more appropriately have been called a short limo bus. The thing was not very luxurious, that is for sure. It was hotter than hell on our trip to St. Louis. Guest #2 wasn't feeling well from our fast food dinner before we left and I wasn't feeling well from sitting sideways while traveling. When the air conditioner did turn on it spit on me. It was not the most joyous trip, but we did see the Arch off in the distance on our way in.

We arrived in the Verizon Amphitheatre parking lot early for the concert and after hauling the camera back to the bus (thanks Guest #2) and a portable bathroom break, we were heading around the long curving road of merchandise, food, and beverage advertising toward the stage. The heat pressed in on us from all directions slowing our pace. Here I thought it had been hot on the bus.

We purchased our first bottle of beer for $9 (each) and headed up to our lawn seat section, G, row 40, seat ... oh who the hell cares? Guest #2 enjoyed telling people he thought they were in his seat. We hung out trying not to sweat to death, guzzling our beers, and listening to the opening band. It was not so good. We headed back down for another beer (and water for me) and found an air conditioned tent. It was a glorious oasis. We enjoyed our time there thoroughly.

We watched a portion of the concert under a heavy, grey cloud-covered sky that occasionally squeezed a few drops out onto the sea of concert goers in the lawn seats. DM looked pretty hot too from the big screen. It was a toe fucking tapping good time, though. Guest #2 and I headed to the bathrooms early and back to the bus to find a few of our traveling companions had not weathered the heat and alcohol as well as we had. After collecting the last of our super fans, we eased out into the heavy post-concert traffic and hit the road for home. It was a long journey, but I was happy to finally hit the hay about 2am.

What should we do tonight?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If I Knew Your Were Coming... Crap... No Cake

Here is a picture of the porch primed and ready to paint. I actually got it painted on Monday evening, but it was getting dark as I finished up and I can see now it really needs another coat of paint. I tried to take a picture last night after cleaning the porch and rest of the house, but it was too dark. I'll post when I get a good picture.
I'm really happy with how the wood ledge looks. I thought I would be painting everything, but on closer inspection, I realized that the ledge is real wood and actually looks pretty decent. It looks even better now that it stands out. The whole space is much breezier feeling. I can't wait to get a good outdoor rug and couch to do some serious relaxing here.

After a some serious cleaning last night, my house is ready for Guest #2. I'm lucky enough to have another friend en route to Central IL to attend the Dave Matthews Band concert in St. Louis with me tonight. And we are both lucky enough to be able to tag along with the prize winners in the limo! I'm excited. I heard it may be muddy, but I'm sure it will be fun. I look forward to entertaining Guest #2 for a few days. Time will tell what kind of fun we can dig up together here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abstract Busyness

I've been so busy at work I barely have time to breath. I have a huge project lined up to take up most of my time tomorrow and a few other deadlines that are creeping up on me. It is good to be busy, but at the end of the day I'm so tired! I haven't been keeping up on my household tasks very well, but I excuse myself because I have boxes sitting all over anyhow. I feel as though even if I cleaned, it wouldn't' be clean, so why bother? So, I guess I'm saying it all begins with the unpacking of the new boxes. I have done some unpacking. I found in one box a super-sweet pair of crystal champagne flutes I thought maybe would have been lost in the move. Makes me want to drink just seeing them. I've unpacked some Tupperware storage containers, but since my cupboards are full already, I have nowhere to put them. For now they are living on top of the fridge (the only place with enough empty horizontal space to set stuff down). I'm very happy to have my Coca Cola paraphernalia, but again, don't have shelf space for any of it. I might have to squeeze a trip to Lowe's into my schedule for the evening. I saw some fantastic wall shelves that would look perfect in my kitchen from floor to ceiling. Look out Springfield, here comes the anal retentive organizer. ps...check out the new picture of Peanut in the right side bar. Classic.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Extra Special Antiquing

I had an extra special house guest (my first) over the last weekend! She helped me explore a little bit of Springfield I hadn't yet seen. We checked out Washington Park (picnicable), Lake Springfield (swimable), and a few antique stores! I fell in love with and scored a yellow chenille bedspread for twenty bucks! It is the perfect summer weight and big enough for me even with Peanut anchoring down the other side. He likes it too. I picked up a couple of ink-looking sketches. They have a sloppy style that is oh-so me. Right now they are living on the mantel. My extra special guest brought my vine window panels and a side char. I'm so excited to have a place to set things when I walk in the door! (I know I'm a dork.)
The other big score from the Antique store was a bunch of aqua-colored glass quart jars. I wanted to use these for an upcoming 4th of July picnic I'm planning, but I've fallen in love with them. They are living on the window sill in my porch (which I've decided to accessorize only in teals).
I'm looking ahead to my trip to Wisconsin to get the rest of my things and a house warming party here in August! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm On It!

I've opened up my Outlook scheduler to the horror of a very long, over due list on my household tasks. After dismissing most of them and starting my weekly tasks, I paired down a few I can catch up on this week. Check out the updated list on the side bar.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ask And You Receive

Here is a picture of my house from the street. Peanut and I have been enjoying our porch time on the weekends. I can't wait to get the rest of my furniture down here (including my new porch couch). As it turns out, I think I will actually be selling my house in the near future and hopefully I can close while I'm back in July. What more could I ask for? That also means I get to bring EVERYTHING that is left at the house because I won't have it for storage indefinitely. Since I finally folded up all my empty boxes, the house feels really empty. I've coerced a friend to come down to visit me this weekend and she is bringing me more things as well. Eventually I will, in fact, live here. At the new homestead I'm looking forward to getting some plants and maybe doing a little painting on the porch. I guess I'll be doing that over the evenings this week or after my guest has left. Of course, I will continue to post pictures until my parents make me give them back their camera. ;)


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