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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Week

This has got to be one of the tamest birthday weeks for me in a long while. Last year I had a trip, dinner outings, and a big karaoke birthday bash. I don't even have anything planned for Friday yet except a dinner night out. I should get on that. This year I'm busy working my tail off at work (no really....I'm on lunch now) and rehearsing for "The Laramie Project." I'm not sure I've ever done a show over my birthday and I feel like I should bake treats, but during what free time? I also don't have rehearsal on my birthday, so that means I'd have to make treats tonight after rehearsal to share tomorrow. We'll see how motivated I am by that time. I'm really looking forward to a visit from Blondy for my birthday. I realized that she hasn't been here since my first weekend in Springfield, the first weekend of May. At that time I was still living in the hotel. She went with me to look at my future home, so she saw it empty, but not since I moved in. I'm looking forward to putting her to work to find me a new car since she did so well helping me find a place to live. I was pretty apprehensive about that as well. My Boss Man actually had a remote broadcast at the car dealership today and inquired about a car for me. Soon after I had a Sales Man calling me to get a few more details and he is researching options this very as we speakday. I'm feeling a little bit more positively about this. I still ask that you keep your fingers crossed. I'm going to need some special birthday mojo, Blondy power, and maybe a dash of Halloween black magic to get me behind the wheel of my very own vehicle.

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