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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Mine!

Just barely into my 32nd year (for those of you confused, I just turned 31, so have begun my 32nd year), and I just bought my second vehicle! It is a brilliant blue 2004 Saturn Vue that I'm told my nephew will appreciate. My psychic told me I was going to get a not new, but nice red car. I guess she just knew how much I wanted a red car. Maybe next time. For the time being, I'm really happy to have a reliable vehicle with low miles and plenty of hauling space. All the papers were signed over my lunch hour and temporary plates put on. I'll get my official Illinois license plates at some time in the mail. For my birthday I renewed my drivers license in the Land of Lincoln and it is beginning to feel like I really live here! I got my vehicle insurance set up this morning and added on renter's insurance as well. I feel so safe. My only disappointment today was realizing that my new vehicle does not have keyless entry. I thought there was a remote I used the first time I drove it, but was mistaken. Luckily the folks at the dealership are awesome and are going to do some research to see if they can find one. I really hope that works out. Otherwise, mark down another stellar day in the Illinois Adventure that is my life.

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