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Monday, October 5, 2009

Not So Much Nothing

I managed to get all my cleaning done for the week since this will be my first week spent at rehearsals every night. I feel as though I will not be spending very much time here, but I'm really excited to get this theatre ball rolling in Springfield.

I also managed to put away summer and drag out fall. I switched my clothes in the closet, swapped bedding and drapes, moved my porch plants indoors, decorated, and cleaned out my shed. I even turned the heat on finally.

Sunday saw me attempt to meet my goal by heading towards Spoon River for the drive. Think I misunderstood this thing. I thought there would be community events going on. All I saw were yard sales. And when I tried to find the "attractions" (I.e. Historic sites), I was unable to locate any. The map from their website was fairly useless in locating anything. I was also really hoping for some antiquing and was surprised when I couldn't find even one store. I was disappointed, but it was a nice day for a long drive in the country.

I'll have to get on the ball and figure out what to do next weekend!

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