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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


BOWL FOR KIDS SAKE UPDATE: BBBS have worked out those kinks on the donation page and all my pretty little donor names are back up where they belong. I'm almost halfway to my goal! Feel free to click that link in the right column to make your donation today. I'm so happy it feels like summer. On the inside. It feels like summer on the inside. Outside it is definitely bitterly cold. I'm planning on doing a lot more hibernating this week. Last night I stayed in and watched my new Netflix movie 500 Days of Summer. I highly recommend picking it up. It is one of those movies that is chronologically out of order. I love those--keeps you on your toes. The other great thing is that it isn't a love story. It is, but it's not. You've just got to check it out. I give it 4 stars (which is pretty much my best, since I don't think I've ever rated anything 5 just seems wrong).

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