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Friday, February 26, 2010

Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

Yesterday afternoon I was talked into going to the REO/Styx/38 Special concert at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. (She had me at "can't fight this feeling.") Although I've been extraordinarily tired lately, I figured I could muster the energy for an old persons' concert. I met a coworker friend (who was very excited about the REO...probably because of the tight trousers). We doubled up on beers right from the start so we wouldn't be left thirsty at any given musical moment. I enjoyed every other 38 Special song (the ones I knew). I actually was surprised I knew that many. For Styx I only connected with a few songs and was more enthralled with the digital dancing ladies in the background. I wondered... if you are going to digitally create ladies to dance erotically on the big screen, why do they all have boyish figures? Seemed strange. But I digress. The big bang was the REO Speedwagon. Of course my concert companion was overjoyed and sang many of the songs at the top of her lungs (we were about $24 into our beers by that point). I enjoyed all the tight trousers and eighties hair styles. It is nice that is all back in style again for them. Concert Companion thought that the lead singer (possibly the only one left from the original REO) had dyed his hair blond, but then we realized it was just gray. Good times. Apart from the lines for the bathroom, lines for beer, gridlock in the parking ramp, and that jiggly, jiggly tummy gyrating next to us, it was a pretty fun night out for my inaugural visit to the Prairie Capital Convention Center.

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