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Friday, February 5, 2010

Celebration of Snow?

I think I celebrated Thursday just a little too much. My Boss Man offered to buy me a drink at the Dockers Bar after work. A few other ladies also wanted to have a few cocktails and they ended up buying me several drinks. It was a crazy night at the bar. I got home late and nothing on the to-do list got to-doed. Now tonight while I really just want to eat a gigantic burger with bacon and cheese and go to bed, I will have to force myself to be productive. The parents are en route to Central Illinois this very as-we-speak-end and I should probably clean up the house, not to mention Peanut. Lucky for me it was raining and slushy and it is currently snowing. This is going to buy me some time while the parents take it easy on the roads. Good for me, not so much for them. I'm thinking about mixing up Mom's famous cinnamon rolls, watching Peanut play with Dad, and then tucking them into the guest bed safe and sound tonight.

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