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Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Times With The Folks

I had a great time with my parents this last weekend. They coasted into town Friday night on a snow drift. Mom and I mixed up cinnamon rolls and while they were raising, we watched a movie and had some popcorn. I was amused when I checked Facebook to see that both my siblings were also enjoying popcorn Friday night. It was almost as if we were all together in spirit.

Saturday morning we were able to enjoy those rolls, which tided us over on our shopping expedition to Menards and the grocery store. After dropping off our goodies at home, we headed out on what I like to call an "Illinois Adventure" to find a restaurant I haven't been to yet. We found Krekel's easily. From the outside it appeared to be a root beer stand. The building and interior were stark white. I wouldn't say the retro pictures on the walls justified the the IL Times Best Of article that the interior was retro. The brick floor was definitely retro, but not quite what I pictured either.

The food took a surprisingly long time to make considering the light crowd, but was really worth it. I think I'll save this restaurant as a summer destination when you're really longing to hang out outside and don't mind that you're waiting for food while doing it. The rest of Saturday was filled with projects like insulating my attic door, replacing faucets, picking up my new Xmas tree, and cookie making.

Mom and I managed to get some good card playing in while Dad worked away. Mom also made an awesome meatball supper and then the two of us rolled out cookies and then held frosting fest before resuming card playing. Sunday we revisited Charlie Parker's, and even though the waitress took my fork to replace it and never brought one back, I can't feel too bent out of shape about it. Every time I've been there, the waitresses don't come back once the food is served and sometimes before that. But I kind of understand the dilemma when the place is packed and the second round of customers are hovering over staring at your chair the entire time. It just doesn't disappoint.

Mom and Dad hit the road in the early afternoon and Peanut and I snuggled down for a whole afternoon and evening of movie time. Just about the time we'd had enough resting, Mom and Dad were rolling into Tremp City safe and sound. They probably need another weekend to recover even more than I do!



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