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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Got Milk?

My Netflix movie last night was Milk. I first heard about this movie while doing The Laramie Project last fall. There was a reference in the play to the Twinkie Defense and every time I heard the line I thought, I need to look that up. Although I'm usually such a good little researcher when I'm in a show, I'm sad to say that I never did look it up. (Sorry Phil) Luckily eventually my director just told us what it meant. So all I knew going into this movie was that when Harvey Milk and Mayor Mascone were assassinated, the defense was that the shooter was all hopped up on junk food and therefore somehow incapable of determining right from wrong (hence the Twinkie Defense). This was a fabulous movie, I think everyone should see it. But first of all, I can't believe I hadn't even heard of the movie. Granted I don't watch television and see previews, but it is one of those things that is kind of up my alley. I hadn't heard of Harvey Milk before either. Where was this revolution in our history books? The assassination took place the year I was born. I'm really old now. How many more years have to pass before an event becomes worthy of history status. It seems like a pivotal time in history to me. The movie also brought about a deep sadness for me. Like I said, this took place a lifetime ago and I wonder how much has really changed since then. After all, only a few years ago cops were entrapping gay men in bathroom stalls in Minneapolis, MN. How long will it take before everyone in this country is actually allowed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? On a brighter note, James Franco is just the cutest little Mrs. Milk I could have asked for.


  1. I was lucky to know both Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone as friends. I also knew and photographed almost every one depicted in the "Milk" movie with the exception of Dan White. I moved near the Castro at the beginning of the 1970's... and became a freelance photographer and publicist that specialized in gay clients and businesses. By osmosis, I was involved with gay politics and sports.
    For those of you, who were too young at that time, or did not live San Francisco... I would like to recommend a great web-site that is dedicated to the evolution of the Castro from a changing S.F. neighborhood, into America's gay Mecca during the 1970s. Unlike the Movie "Milk", that was a recreation of those times... this site contains
    photographs and stories by pioneers, like myself,Danny Nicoletta(who is depicted in the movie)Efren Ramirez and others...
    that are the real McCoy! It is a great place to find out about that era,until find there way into America's history books.

  2. Wow! Amazing. Thanks for the info. And the revolution.



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