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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IL Adventure

I officially had my first experience with the big, fancy mall here. I've lived here since last May and hadn't yet set foot in it. Don't get me wrong, I have driven by it in pursuit of other pleasures several times, but haven't perused the wares. But last night I did. I was out on the prowl for some pretty things to wear for Blondy's birthday. I realized I haven't purchased anything new since last May when I was living in the hotel. And that stuff was for summer. It just seemed unfair not to be able to pick out something new, so I did. I just traipsed through the tip of the ice berg as far as the potential mall experience goes, but I did see a gigantic the mall. A whole one. Serious. I guess if the kids ever come to visit, we'll have to check it out. If I had been on my proper IL Adventure A-game, I would have had my camera with to take a pic. Maybe in another 9 months.

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