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Friday, February 19, 2010

Starry, Starry Night

Although I had a tremendous work load this past week and didn't complete all my work before the five o'clock bell on Friday, I still managed to hit the road north by 6:30pm. I had beautifully clear skies (and roads) and a Cheshire cat moon smiling down on me all night. Due to a late night packing and FINALLY bathing Peanut on Wednesday, I was under-sleeped Thursday and awfully tired on the road. I took some caffeine poppers at about 9 thinking it would carry me through to Tremp City, but alas it did not. I needed to refuel with some coffee in Mauston. In the twilight of the witching hour, I arrived at my parents' home safe and sound. The multitude of stars twinkled a welcome greeting to me as I unpacked the car. Peanut woke Grandma and Grandpa up to let them know we made it home safely and then hopped up on his bed for the night. I'm ready for a fantastic WI weekend extravaganza!

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