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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signs of Spring

Actually at this stage, they are probably signs of summer...considering I'm supposed to change the oil in my lawn mower and my grass is already overdue for it's first trim.

I saw these flowers in full bloom peaking over a fence along the alley. There are carpets of violets everywhere, spent daffodills, tulips in full bloom, and trees blossoming or on the verge. It is beginning to smell a lot like pollen. I've uploaded more pics to Flickr. Maybe I can add more later.

My Spring to-do list is growing as I putz through it. Today the curtains are in the wash and the windows are due for a cleaning. I plan to get Peanut in the tub (once the shower curtain gets back up) so I can finally vacuum up all his shedding fur and mop the floors.

I feel as though I'm losing daylight already!


  1. We have a very long to-do list too. Add on that we're planning to get a build-it-yourself swingset and we may never quite get everything done.



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