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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Hard Day's Night

Peanut apparently had a hard day today, which led to a hard night for me.

Peanut was pretty shakey at lunch today when I took him outside. He hadn't eaten since breakfast yesterday, but had taken his meds. So I guess that makes a poor puppy's tummy upset.

He had an accident in the bathroom and also threw up. I had two blankets and a rug that needed washing. I had to wash the floor and his food and water bowls.

Meanwhile I set him up with a temporary bed in the entryway to the bathroom. I force fed him a little soft food and shoved the pill pockets he refused to eat down his throat.

When the bathroom was all cleaned, I cleaned up Peanut the best I could. He is acting pretty lethargic and hasn't yet got up to move back into his bathroom suite.

I started the drug we had been holding off on, so maybe we can expect a miracle recovery any time now.

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