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Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Fun

I'm hoping to get some fun in this weekend. Although I've had a couple nights out of fun this week, I still feel the need for fun. I'm hoping that my pencilled in date tonight works out. This will be the third Friday in a row that I've had plans to go out with a friend and for some reason or other, the plans always fell through. Fingers crossed for fun!

Then maybe I'll have time to tackle some of my to-dos Saturday morning before my folks arrive from the cheese state. I think we'll have just enough time to grill out some Wisconsin brats (with real brat buns from Wisconsin) and maybe bake some cookies. Oh, and I've got a project list for Daddy.

Peanut is very much looking forward to the visit from the grandparents. He is off his muscle relaxer and I can tell he is much less lethargic. He is pretty mellow without drugs! He also has stepped down his dose of steroid by half, but is still taking pain killers. He is back to eating regular food on a regular schedule and having outside trips at regular times (not three times a night!). He still yelps out in pain occasionally if he moves wrong. So, I hope once the round of drugs is over that he will actually be better. Again... fingers crossed.

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