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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Said Estimates Are Accurate?

So I took my car in for an early oil change yesterday because I wanted to get the tires rotated and everything checked out before my long trip to Wisconsin this weekend. My brakes have been causing the car to shudder and I didn't trust them for another 1,000 miles on the open road either, so I asked them to check the brakes.

They checked them an told me they were fine. Apparently that means they look at them and if they don't see anything wrong, they are fine. When I picked up the vehicle and told them that I asked to have them checked because of the shudder, they told me that the problem that causes that isn't detected by viewing the brakes alone. And in fact my brakes are probably bad and I should bring the vehicle back in.

So, the Vue is on day two with its buddies at Midtown Tire. It wasn't too long after I dropped it off this morning that I got the call with the estimate. I think my heart stopped a little when they told me it would be $385. Yesterday we discussed a $150-$300 range. And today we discussed me getting the brake special they are currently offering. Yeah, that estimate is with the discount. Ouch.

I hope for some reason I win a million dollars before my week-long vacation in Wisconsin. The good news is I will probably make it to Wisconsin safely with my shiny new brakes. So there is that, I guess.

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