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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Weekends In One

I feel as though I had two complete weekends. I had a whole weekend of fun under the Springfield sun with Sherman and then I had a whole weekend of project time (some of which under the Springfield sun).

Left to my own devices on Sunday, I decided to paint my back entryway hall. I embarked on a lengthy mission to gather supplies. I searched high and low for an extension rod for my paint roller and feel as though it is not at my current residence. In the process of scouring my basement, though, I cleaned off and organized my work bench, sorted my collection of random screws, installed a shelf in my storage room, got all the boxes off the floor, unpacked three boxes, and watched Shag on VHS. So I never did get that painting done, but got a lot of other random organization done. My evening plans fell through, so I mixed myself a sidecar and kicked up my heels. (NOTE: I am in the market for a new cocktail shaker. The old one is seriously a piece of crap and is headed out to the curb tonight.)

Monday I was even more productive. I started the day with a work out and my Kitchenaid stand mixer made me crepes for breakfast. Peanut and I enjoyed some magazine reading time on the porch and then I got motivated to mow the lawn, weed whack, edge, and trim the gigantor shrub in my front yard. Before the sun set I also got that back hall painted with the help of a vacuum tube and some duct tape. It is glorious and I can't wait to varnish and install those shelves that have been sitting in the basement for the last year.

I rounded out my extended holiday weekend grilling a steak and veggies and enjoying dinner on the patio while Peanut rolled around in the grass. After all of that I only had enough energy left to wash the mountain of dishes on the counter. And then, once again, I slept furiously.

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