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Sunday, October 3, 2010

And I Did

I managed to get a lot done today in spite of a few hours in front of the tv.

I didn't cross all the usual cleaning tasks off my list, but I got a lot of them done in the process of doing other things. As I cleared away summer decorations I dusted and cleaned the window sills on the porch. I got out fall linens and had to do a little ironing. I swapped out summer sheets for winter sheets and managed to flip and rotate my mattress before changing the sheets.

In between all that I mowed the yard, cut down trees growing in my fence, planted some flowers, and ran some errands. After a day of making a mess in the house, I topped off my night with vacuuming and mopping.

And I would have been done at a reasonable hour had my mop not broken. I ended up on my hands and knees using the mop head to wash the floors by hand. It's official... I'm never mopping again!

I feel as though I deserve a reward. As the dryer buzzes me that the last load of laundry is done, my reward tonight will be to ignore it until tomorrow.

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