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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Again

Home Again.
Jiggitty Jig.

Although I arrived home to a 50 degree house, it is good to be home...and much warmer now.

I made good time on the road and it was fairly stress-free driving. Once home, Peanut gobbled down his late dinner as I unpacked the car. As I unpacked my bags, he headed straight for bed. I sorted my mail and watched the second half of "Rear Window."

I had a fantastically fabulous holiday weekend in Wisconsin and hopefully am prepared to face the work week. It is going to be another rough one. Is it wrong to already be looking forward to my trip home for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Did you see the new recipe in the Lonely Girl Recipes column? Check it out. Just in time for the holidays.

Oh My Ulcer

Holiday week day two.

These two days have been jam-packed! I'm finally taking my lunch at 4:30 and am really relaxing at the oil change mart. Midtown once again turned me away this morning and I made an appointment at Lauterbach to have them look at my undercarriage for tomorrow, so I thought I'd do the drive-thru lube today. I just realized that will probably work with the craptastic weather forecast to eff up my holiday travel plans. Fantastic!

After this super-fabulousness, I'm heading to the Walsmart to pick up some bevvies for our board meeting on the Monday and Tuesday after the holiday break. I'll just have to remember to start my post-holiday, back-to-work depression early next Monday so I have time to pick up ice and bagels and make coffee and such. Man I wish we had a receptionist.


So wish me luck. I plan to head back to work and prep for the most horrible day of the week. Let's make it fantastic.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Successful Stuffing

As of eight o'clock tonight it appears that we managed to successfully stuff a semi trailer full of food!

It only takes three days and hundreds of promos and live breaks on four radio stations. Not to mention the fabulous on-air personalities and other volunteers who set up camp at Schnucks all weekend.

And of course thanks to all the generous folks in Springfield who donated food and money so our neighbors will have food on their tables. I understand what it is like when you can't afford to buy food and I can't imagine the feeling of not being able to provide food for a family.

Find more information on how you can still help at

Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Go

I'm so tired. It has been a busy, busy work week. I've been running my tail off and it won't let up anytime soon.

Tomorrow I'll start my day heading to the printing company to pick up banners for our big Stuff-A-Truck food drive taking place all weekend. I have everything else prepped and ready to go. I hope.

So tomorrow I hope to get everything else on my desk done. Did I mention we have a new morning show starting next week and I need to revise a reem of packaging? Or how about those traffic deadlines and impending vacation?

The good news is that we hired a new business manager! I only wish that meant we'd be back up to a four-person office staff. Instead we'll be looking for a new receptionist to fill her old spot. And go...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy Holiday

I can't wait for a holiday vacation next week and yet I'm already feeling the holiday burn at work.

Last week we decorated our sales hall for Christmas and today they are decorating the programming side of the building. Wait! What? Put the breaks on babe! I want to enjoy Thanksgiving first!

Speaking of which, we are quickly approaching the holiday deadlines and the holiday deadline crunch that comes before a relaxing holiday weekend. It's go time baby. I can't wait to curl up on the couch with Peanut for movie night.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cooking And Clean-up

I spent the day doing little more than cooking. I woke up to a dark house. It looked like winter outside and my weather text told me to expect showers and a low of 35. I was not looking forward to crawling out of bed. I felt a little more positive about the situation after catching a friend's note on Facebook about being snowed in. Thank goodness I live in the south.

So I finally tackled biscuit and sausage gravy recipes. The biscuits were tasty, but I think the gravy needed regular milk. My soy milk made it too sweet for my liking. And speaking of too sweet, I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies that sweet talked me into spoiling my dinner.

When I got around to thinking dinner, I tied on my apron for a little experimenting. I had some leftover roasted garlic that was begging for a pasta dish. I sauteed it with chopped mushrooms and then added chicken and rosemary seasoning and tossed with thin spaghetti. It was delightfully delicious!

Between tennis matches on Wii, I took in a 48 Hours Mystery and a little SNL. Taking Peanut out one last time I really felt those 35 degree temps. Peanut was unmotivated to hurry, so I started my yard clean-up and got most of it done! Tomorrow I'll just have to rearrange the shed to make room for the grill and haul the booth back downstairs.

The cold breezes and a warm kitchen really signal a change of season.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crazy Alley Squirrels!

Heat Wave

We're having a heat wave. A tropical heat wave.

Unfortunately we already had the overnight freezing temps that killed off my tropical plant and forced all the leaves to drop from the walnut tree in my backyard. Hopefully some of this gorgeous weather will make it to the weekend so I have a chance to get the yard cleaned up and properly prepared for the changing season.

A crazy alley squirrel (I presume) tried to help me empty my flower containers. When I went home for lunch one of them had been half emptied out onto the patio. Have I ever mentioned how crazy the alley squirrels are? They are like the gangster squirrels of the neighborhood.

Anyhoo, I had pretty nice weather for the chili cook-off last weekend, but not nice enough to hold the party in the backyard. It was warm enough to be comfortable and cool enough to crave a sample cup of warm chili. I made two varieties: a four-pepper chili and a white chicken chili, and four other people brought chili to enter into the challenge. We had a supa-spicy variety, three-meat (steak included!) variety, a standard chili, and "tavern" chili.

When the tavern chili won the contest, we joked it was probably actually purchased at a tavern despite the chef's claims otherwise. It was a fun time, though, and I've almost got my house back in order. Almost. I still can't decide if I should make this an annual event or if I'll just think of something new for next year anyhow. Time will tell.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Taste of Tired

We put on a fantastic little Taste of Home Cooking School show yesterday.

I began my day at the convention center at 8:30am to help the Culinary Specialist unload her van and get started unloading dishes, washing dishes, and prepping food for the big show. I prepared a french toast bake and a blue cheese orzo salad.

By lunch time, I was hungry and thirsty and already tired. The radio station treated us to lunch out and I enjoyed a Day After Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, red skinned mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce all piled on a pretzel roll. Makes me excited for a little Thanksgiving break!

I spent a little time back at the office in the afternoon before returning to the center for the show. It was a whole lot of fun and I didn't even drop anything. My only snaffu was finding out my 350 degree oven had been changed to 375 at some point and the ovens were too fancy for me to actually figure out how to change it. Someone else had to go out and adjust the oven for me. Oh, and I guess the dish did boil over and was smoking when I went to retrieve it from the oven, but that was totally not my fault!

It was a long, long day of standing and working and I was VERY tired by the time the last boxes were loaded back into the Culinary Specialist's van at about 10pm. I should have gone straight home to bed, but I opted for a little wind down time with Peanut and a movie. Needless to say, I'm so ready for a little weekend.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle

So, over the weekend I cleaned out my stove. After a year and a half of added stove mess on top of the grime of a thousand years of never being cleaned before I moved in, I stopped dreaming that my stove would magically transform into a self-cleaning oven. I purchased some highly toxic oven cleaner that rhymes with Schmirnoff. Anyhoo... The stove was a grimy mess and I soaked it down and wiped it out three times.
In that process, I believe I may have dripped some greasy, grimy oven juice on my kitchen floor. I noticed it later in the evening so it had plenty of time to stain in. I grabbed my bottle of baking soda I use to clean up super-scrubby messes and attacked those spots.
The baking soda worked fabulously, but as it cleaned away the spots, it also cleaned away the grime on the floor. Yeah... imagine my horror to realize that those speckles on the floor are NOT part of the tile design. To say I threw up in my mouth a little is probably an understatement.
You have to understand that these floors have been vacuumed and mopped several times since I've lived here and they always have looked the same. It took getting up close and personal with the (as I discovered) textured tile to see all of the grimy build up in that texture.
I lived with it for about a day before tackling it with a scrub brush, bucket of cleaner, and a whole bottle of baking soda. I am so happy to say I'm going to bed with sparkly kitchen floors tonight. It still grosses me out to think of it, though.


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