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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cooking And Clean-up

I spent the day doing little more than cooking. I woke up to a dark house. It looked like winter outside and my weather text told me to expect showers and a low of 35. I was not looking forward to crawling out of bed. I felt a little more positive about the situation after catching a friend's note on Facebook about being snowed in. Thank goodness I live in the south.

So I finally tackled biscuit and sausage gravy recipes. The biscuits were tasty, but I think the gravy needed regular milk. My soy milk made it too sweet for my liking. And speaking of too sweet, I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies that sweet talked me into spoiling my dinner.

When I got around to thinking dinner, I tied on my apron for a little experimenting. I had some leftover roasted garlic that was begging for a pasta dish. I sauteed it with chopped mushrooms and then added chicken and rosemary seasoning and tossed with thin spaghetti. It was delightfully delicious!

Between tennis matches on Wii, I took in a 48 Hours Mystery and a little SNL. Taking Peanut out one last time I really felt those 35 degree temps. Peanut was unmotivated to hurry, so I started my yard clean-up and got most of it done! Tomorrow I'll just have to rearrange the shed to make room for the grill and haul the booth back downstairs.

The cold breezes and a warm kitchen really signal a change of season.

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