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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh My Ulcer

Holiday week day two.

These two days have been jam-packed! I'm finally taking my lunch at 4:30 and am really relaxing at the oil change mart. Midtown once again turned me away this morning and I made an appointment at Lauterbach to have them look at my undercarriage for tomorrow, so I thought I'd do the drive-thru lube today. I just realized that will probably work with the craptastic weather forecast to eff up my holiday travel plans. Fantastic!

After this super-fabulousness, I'm heading to the Walsmart to pick up some bevvies for our board meeting on the Monday and Tuesday after the holiday break. I'll just have to remember to start my post-holiday, back-to-work depression early next Monday so I have time to pick up ice and bagels and make coffee and such. Man I wish we had a receptionist.


So wish me luck. I plan to head back to work and prep for the most horrible day of the week. Let's make it fantastic.

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