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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle

So, over the weekend I cleaned out my stove. After a year and a half of added stove mess on top of the grime of a thousand years of never being cleaned before I moved in, I stopped dreaming that my stove would magically transform into a self-cleaning oven. I purchased some highly toxic oven cleaner that rhymes with Schmirnoff. Anyhoo... The stove was a grimy mess and I soaked it down and wiped it out three times.
In that process, I believe I may have dripped some greasy, grimy oven juice on my kitchen floor. I noticed it later in the evening so it had plenty of time to stain in. I grabbed my bottle of baking soda I use to clean up super-scrubby messes and attacked those spots.
The baking soda worked fabulously, but as it cleaned away the spots, it also cleaned away the grime on the floor. Yeah... imagine my horror to realize that those speckles on the floor are NOT part of the tile design. To say I threw up in my mouth a little is probably an understatement.
You have to understand that these floors have been vacuumed and mopped several times since I've lived here and they always have looked the same. It took getting up close and personal with the (as I discovered) textured tile to see all of the grimy build up in that texture.
I lived with it for about a day before tackling it with a scrub brush, bucket of cleaner, and a whole bottle of baking soda. I am so happy to say I'm going to bed with sparkly kitchen floors tonight. It still grosses me out to think of it, though.

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