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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Newsworthy Day

Today was one of those days you will look back on for years to come and remember what you were doing when.

My day started with shoes. I put on my new pair of heels only to discover I couldn't walk without having them slip off my heels. I hastily changed shoes and stockings and headed out the door with my puppy for a little morning jaunt down the block. Peanut did not enjoy the snow in his paws or the fact that nobody in Springfield shovels his/her sidewalk. He ended up with a paw full of ice and slumped down onto the ground until mommy could work it out. When he got back up and running, he was limping.

By the time I returned home I realized I was limping. Something was wrong with my shoe. Upon further inspection I realized the heel tip was missing from my purple suede platform shoes (purchased in Germany over a decade ago, I might add). I was disheartened to say the least when I had to remove my second pair of shoes for the day and replace them with good, old sturdy black boots. And with that I was off to work.

A quick check on my cell notified me that I would be working from the front desk again today as plans to have it covered by someone else had fallen through. I hit the ground running for day two this week and before an hour had passed we were discussing the possibility of a temp. Hallelujah! She even was available to start this afternoon. Life was looking up.

In the midst of my busy morning I noticed a few members of our news staff hastily assembling and hitting the front doors as they pushed out onto the streets, broadcast equipment in tow.  Within a few more moments I knew that the mayor of Springfield was dead. And that began our day of continuous news coverage.

It is a strange thing to work in media when something quite extraordinarily newsworthy descends upon us. Like I said, it is a newsworthy day for anybody. Most people in Springfield will probably look back and remember when. But to be submersed in it, swimming around in it, and being forced to digest it is another story. I was instantly transported to September 11th, 2001, when I was working at FOX television and watched the footage over and over again all day long. And watching the people watching and listening. And not being able to escape the constant barrage of information coming at you.

I have a whole lot of thoughts about this, but as of this afternoon the police have neither confirmed or denied any specifics about this situation other than the fact that our mayor is gone. I'll be mulling it over more tonight and hopefully tomorrow we will have more answers.

Until then, I will just stop and notice.

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