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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Place Like Home

I ventured out last weekend to audition for "Four Places" at the community theatre. I didn't have super-high hopes of landing a part because there were only three ladies parts available, but I've got the itch and had to give it a shot.

After putting in two hours at the audition and seeing the ages of the other ladies in attendance, my hopes were higher against my better judgement. I left feeling fantastic despite my lingering cold. The theatre was a breath of fresh air for a tired, dusty, artsy soul.

Then I stayed home sick the rest of the weekend and dreamed of being in another show. As Sunday and Monday faded away, so did my high hopes.

I learned that there is no theatre policy about any sort of cast list. You either get a call with a part or you're ignored and left wondering. Super classy. I'm in that latter group although it is safe to say the wondering is more along the lines of "Really? This is how we do things here?" And "Tell me again why I moved here?"

Anyhoo, after the blizzardy snow storm dumped at least four inches on us over the last day, I'm feelin' like there is no place like home. I'm going to hibernate out the rest of the month and then dust off my furr for another audition.

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