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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen Is Super Hot

Painting Weekend

I spent the majority of this weekend on painting projects. I am absolutely in love with this color. I can't wait to do the rest of the house, but first...I have a lot of stuff to put back in its place. Hopefully I'll have everything done by bedtime.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Even Longer Week

Our final week before a major system transition at work was extra challenging. We are in the home stretch and I feel as though I'm not going to make it.

I had one of those philosophical dilemmas this week. They usually come during the mundane...this time it was driving to work. It was the age-old question of "What is my purpose?" In response my brain answered with "Some day someone important will jump off a building and land on me." That is it. My purpose is mundane existence until that one moment when I will fulfill my purpose and furthermore be totally useless.

And this was early enough in the week when I still had a slight motivation to go on. Now what?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Long Weekend

I departed from a 68° Springfield on Thursday night. I was so warm while loading the car that I decided to ditch my winter supplies from the back of the car and I didn't even pack mittens, scarf, and hat.

Friday in Wisconsin was colder than I expected, so after a lovely visit with my sister I borrowed some winter supplies from her to get me through the weekend.

Friday I enjoyed seeing my extended family at the weekly Friday fish outing and then headed to the Trempealeau Hotel to meet up with the girls of the Trempealeau breakfast club. We thoroughly enjoyed our girl talk and several dirty martinis. So much so in fact that I ended up canceling most of my Saturday plans to enjoy breakfast and lounging at the Hotel Sherman. I love me some HGTV!

Saturday afternoon I got to tour Blondy's new house. How very exciting! What a great birthday present for her. Then I took her for her first antique experience and out for dinner and drinks at The Freighthouse. It was a classic birthday celebration and we enjoyed another girls' night out.

Sunday was going home day and my dad woke me up early due to the start of a blizzard so I could get on the road before it got too bad. I was literally packed up, Peanut in the back seat, ready to pull out of the driveway when I got the call that Boss Man was stranded in the snowstorm. He advised me to stay put which gave my mom and me plenty of time for several dice game tournaments. It was the perfect snow day.

Monday found me sitting in on a training webinar from the stations in La Crosse and then they set me up to remotely access my computer so I could get some work done. I was exporting my log right at the stroke of five and someone mentioned John's Bar...for old times sake. What a perfect way to wrap up my extended visit in the snow state.

I truly packed in every inch of fun I could muster this weekend, but I'm glad to be home and I'm glad all the snow here is gone. I'm so done with winter!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So... Valentine's day is the day when I reflect on the people in my life whom I'm thankful for.

Thank you to my nieces and nephew who may be around to remember me fondly when I'm old and gray. I'm still hoping for that.

And thanks to my sister who reminds her children about me even though they don't see me every day anymore. I really appreciate it, besides all the other wonderfuness that comes from having a sister.

Thanks to my parents who would have snow-blowed trails for Peanut after the big Illinois blizzard if they could. And of course they would do anything for me despite the fact that I'm always too busy to call.

I've been thinking of my brother's family a lot recently and hope they are doing well. I wish that I could visit more and help with painting and all that jazz. Know even in Illinoid, I am thinking of you.

Thanks to all of my Illinois work friends who keep me busy when all I really have to do is head home for some Netflix. You know I'm always looking for a new Illinois adventure!

Thanks to my former work buddies who keep reminding me where I came from.

And thanks to my Trempealeau breakfast club who are always there no matter what. I never thought we'd be going strong after 14 years. It's crazy how things work out.

Happy Valentine's Day to all, and to all a good night.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Peanut Working Hard


I'm home from work, I made myself a delicious and nutritious taco salad, and it's only seven thirty!

I spent eleven hours at work on Saturday and nine hours today entering information into our new traffic system. We still have some adjustments to make, but I ran a quick report before I left tonight to compare info from both systems and BY JOVE, I THINK WE'VE DONE IT!

There have been several moments where we doubted ourselves, but I'm feeling fairly confident that we'll pull through this transition after all.

There is still so much more to learn, but this weekend was a huge hurdle that is now in the rearview mirror.

Now I need a vacation! I'm happy to have a pleasant forecast for weekend travels and I'm really looking forward to getting away!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Worky McWorkerson

So Monday our traffic system was down half the day. Tuesday our traffic system was down all day. Two of us got orders entered, production in, and four logs done with the help of our lovely assistant, Boss Man. It was all undercover boss as he learned which baskets to find things in and where things go afterwards.

Meanwhile the two of us working on the newly revived traffic system plugged away getting everything in. Oh what fun! We topped off the night with drinks and pizza at a local establishment. It was a long day, but crisis is always oddly rewarding. In crisis you realize that you actually make a difference.

And as a bonus... I still have my Mad Men season 2, disc 1 to watch tomorrow!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Peanut celebrated his 12th birthday this weekend! He is super tired from his party.

Peanut Plays King of the Mountain

Super Weekend

This weekend I attended my very first Chamber Gala. I bought a new dress, got some red wine, enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Crowne Plaza, and got to see a funny comedian. Everything was pretty good except the short supply of water at the Plaza. What's up with that?

I tried several times to start shoveling out from our blizzard, but still have not completed that task. Luckily we have had a little melting so the piles are going down. I've almost got my sidewalk cleared, but it is labor-intensive work considering it was all thrown from a plow and has formed an ice mountain.

I feel a little less guilty about not having my sidewalk cleared knowing that most of my neighbors will probably just wait until it melts. As I was scooping up slivers of heavy, wet snow, I was thinking about how in Wisconsin I would have had to shovel in the bitter cold to get the sidewalk cleared within 24 hours of the snow fall. I feel lucky, but it still drives me crazy that people don't shovel here.

I finished off my super weekend experimenting with crepes and bagels in the kitchen, and putting in a late night at work. I'm nearing the end of my wedding show responsibilities for this year! I can't think of anything more super than that. Unless of course it is Super G bringing in a bottle of red wine to make or super work party extra special. Thanks buddy! I'm so excited to start the rat race all over again in a few hours.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If snow were in fact fantastic, it would be awfully snowtastic out there. And by "out there," I would mean on my porch. My screened in, indoorish porch. With a snow-covered couch, snow stomped rug, and water-damaged wooden furniture.

That's right. After a crazy busy week last week getting ready for the big wedding extravaganza, a weekend filled with audition disappointment once again, and running around all day Sunday attending to wedding show vendors and brides, we arrived at this week.

Monday, a normally crazy busy day, was magnified by about ten times due to half the sales staff being out of town. I put off everything that didn't need to be done now or twenty minutes ago. Tuesday began with more of the same, plus add to that an impending snow storm, and the need for me to finish two days worth of logs just incase everyone was snowed in.

Luckily I made it through the day and the last of us left at the station who weren't planning to spend the night there piled into the Boss Man's Canyonaro, for a sled ride home.

After tromping through the quickly accumulating drifts in my driveway, I noticed my porch door was slightly ajar. Not only had snow been blowing in, it was accumulating on the wooden ledges where it was coming in around the windows.

I'm taking this as a sign that I'm supposed to snugga down for the snowmageddon. To that I say, SNOWTASTIC!


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