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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Weekend

This weekend I attended my very first Chamber Gala. I bought a new dress, got some red wine, enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Crowne Plaza, and got to see a funny comedian. Everything was pretty good except the short supply of water at the Plaza. What's up with that?

I tried several times to start shoveling out from our blizzard, but still have not completed that task. Luckily we have had a little melting so the piles are going down. I've almost got my sidewalk cleared, but it is labor-intensive work considering it was all thrown from a plow and has formed an ice mountain.

I feel a little less guilty about not having my sidewalk cleared knowing that most of my neighbors will probably just wait until it melts. As I was scooping up slivers of heavy, wet snow, I was thinking about how in Wisconsin I would have had to shovel in the bitter cold to get the sidewalk cleared within 24 hours of the snow fall. I feel lucky, but it still drives me crazy that people don't shovel here.

I finished off my super weekend experimenting with crepes and bagels in the kitchen, and putting in a late night at work. I'm nearing the end of my wedding show responsibilities for this year! I can't think of anything more super than that. Unless of course it is Super G bringing in a bottle of red wine to make or super work party extra special. Thanks buddy! I'm so excited to start the rat race all over again in a few hours.

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