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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Like A Brand New House!

I completed my week-long painting marathon Saturday morning before my folks arrived for a short visit. I had literally just gotten cleaned up, but the house was in complete disarray. Who would have thought I could handle visitors with my house in such a mess?

We hopped right out the door on a lunch adventure and by the time we got home, the paint was dry and I was ready to start putting the house back together again.

My parents and I enjoyed a beef roast for dinner and a few games of Blockus before retiring to the living room for a movie and popcorn night in. As always they kept me up way past my bedtime.

We all were up fairly early (me due to the squeaky floor alarm), and hit the town for a Charlie Parkers breakfast in our booth. Another trip to the grocery store and a few rounds of dice for Mom and me as Dad loaded the car and then they were off just as quickly as they had arrived. A short, but sweet visit with the folks. Now Peanut and I have nothing to do but enjoy our brand new house!

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