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Friday, April 29, 2011


So I worked late and then came home to clean the house. About 11 o'clock I decided I needed to kick up my feet (still tired from all the Secretaries Party running around on concrete). I poured myself a delicious birthday beer and decided I needed cheese dip. I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen to people who are raised outside of Wisconsin.

Anyhoo, I decided on spinach cheese dip. I threw together about a cup of spinach, a half cup of my favorite roasted garlic alfredo sauce, a tablespoon of lemon juice, an eighth of a teaspoon of black pepper, and about a cup of shredded cheddar jack cheese. Melted together into ooey gooey goodness and I can say my cheese dip craving is officially over...for now.

With the Secretaries Party officially put to bed and this cheese dip craving behind me, I've got all this time to think about having to fly all by myself this weekend. This is going to be one of those growth experiences. Yes. That's it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Karaoke & Such

It has been a crazy week! I have to leave work when it's still light outside in order to have time to head home to take care of Peanut before venturing out for karaoke contests each night.

We're doing this little karaoke contest thing for our big Secretaries Party. We have four completely different qualifiers so far. Each night is so much fun getting to hear the fierce competition. I'm a little sad I'll miss the last bar event this weekend.

That being said...I'm soooo ready for a mini vacation. I plan to have as much fun as possible in my super-short weekend. I hope the beer and cheese is ready for me!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Reminiscing

Peanut and I had a good weekend. He enjoyed laying among the dandelions and violets and I enjoyed watching him while grilling a steak and sipping some wine...and not mowing the lawn.

I feel as though I'll regret that move. With this crazy busy week ahead, I'm feeling like it might be awhile before those dandelions get mowed.

I put in a half day of work on Sunday and practically a day and a half today. Life is moving pretty quickly towards the big Secretaries Party. Before you know it, it will be over and done with and we'll be planning the next big thing.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to smell the dandelions once in a while, you could miss it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

I finally ditched the last of my winter decorations in favor of Spring. I've stowed away the snowflakes and white stuff and hauled out the eggs, bunnies, birdies, and green stuff. I can almost smell spring in the house.

Ironically, it was cold today and even colder in my house. I even got out my winter jacket for the trip outside tonight. For most of the day it was gray and wet. My dreams from last weekend of starting my yardwork are currently on hold.

Instead on this dreary day I cleaned out my basement. The pile for Goodwill at the foot of my stairs was driving me crazy. I finally organized everything and cleaned even more out of my closet. Then I went through my housewares. Then I cleaned out my tornado shelter and under the stairs and swept up the dead leaves from the ferns that wintered in my basement (sadly they didn't make it). And I finally got rid of all those empty boxes.

I'm always so refreshed after I do organizing or cleaning projects. I just love it when everything is in it's place. I'm all ready for Spring, and a work day tomorrow, but I think I need a few more supplies in my tornado shelter.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tor-nay-do, Tor-nah-do

Anyway you say it, the clouds were swirling over Springfield this evening. Looking forward to working this weekend, I actually planned to leave work on time today. But as the rest of my co-workers were heading out the door, I was concerned about getting caught in a storm on the way home.

At this point it wasn't even stormy, but we had been under tornado watches during the afternoon and had just been upgraded to a warning. As I waited out the warning I worked, but as the storm rolled in I got more nervous. I saved my work frequently!

The darkness came on all of a sudden and as I stood at our front doors, I watched the clouds swirl in. Yikes! I kept thinking about Peanut at home. The worst was the howling wind and driving rain. I don't think we even saw any hail. It took forever to roll in, but once it did, it seemed to dissipate quickly, thank goodness.

I finally braved the funnel clouds to head home...still early for me! It was raining, but luckily I encountered no flooding. The crazy thing is that the neighbor's yard looks like he got snow.

I'm glad to be home safe and sound enjoying movie night with Peanut.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Story Of A Crazy Lady

So I actually left work before dark today...just. I ordered a pizza so I didn't need to cook. I get home and four minutes later it is being delivered. I spend a few hours between my backlog of mail, some TV, and Peanut snuggles.

Then I decide it is time for bed (even a decent hour for that).

I take Peanut out one last time and then I head into the bathroom to begin the going to bed process.

I notice spots on the mirror and I wipe them away. I wipe out the sink. I pause for a contemplative moment that very well could have ended with me turning off the light and heading to bed, but then I get out the cleaner to spray down the shower.

While that is working its magic, I head to the kitchen (at this point I don't even remember what for). Before you know it I've got the dishes done and the counters cleared.

I take something into my bedroom and put away the two baskets of laundry and rif raf from my last travel adventure. I go back to finish the bathroom.

I take a receipt to my desk in the living room, straighten the throws and pillows, sort my stack of mail, and put away Peanut's toys. I notice the over flowing garbage can and decide they could all be emptied...and I may as well clean out the fridge while I'm at it.

I scoop up all the rugs and take down the shower curtain (I had a lotion bottle explode all over it this morning). A trip downstairs to throw the load into the washer makes me feel like I should fold the towels from Peanut's bath a week ago.

Finally heading to bed just over an hour later. I'm a mad cleaner if I get in the groove; I only wish I'd be motivated earlier in the evening.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eating Our Way Across Missouri

A few of us traveled to Springfield, MO to check out our sister station's bike show on Saturday. After a morning in the car, we were welcomed to the hotel with a few drinks in the hotel bar before check in.

After a visit to the bike show and plenty of note taking, we got a little tour of the city and the radio station. Delivered back to the hotel, the restaurant was calling our name. We had bruschetta and spinach dip as appetizers, followed by a steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus for me. Every last bit was absolutely delicious. We had no problem using up that restaurant gift card!

After that we crashed for a bit. We were all stuffed beyond reason and all our smart phones had dead batteries. How smart is that?

We dragged oursleves out on the town to a local tavern to meet up with a radio peep and sing some karaoke. Little did we know the karaoke host is also an award-winning BBQ cook. There was a BBQ spread waiting for us and after a few hours I did sample his BBQ brisket, which I understand had coffee in the sauce. Yum!

With nothing going on Sunday, we wanted to hit up Branson since we were so close. We browsed the downtown shops and enjoyed lunch overlooking this picturesque "river," which is actually a lake. I understand it is a chilly lake, kept that way for trout. Bizzaro!

Did I mention it was about 89 degrees in Branson? It really made us feel like we were on vacation. After wearing out our feet, we picked up the tour in the car. We drove the strip and saw a lot of theatres, amusements, and empty swimming pools nestled into the hillsides.

We headed north early in the afternoon, but Branson definitely left me wanting more. Hopefully I'll get back soon!

For dinner, we had one last adventure on the hill in St. Louis. We sampled one of the open restaurants in this Italian part of town. My baked mostaccioli was great, but I wish the bocce restaurant had been open. Again, I feel like I need a return trip!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Show Me

Heading down to Springfield, MO for a motorcycle show. Hitting St. Louis before 9 am. I'm ready for a nap already!


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