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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Need

#1: A massage. My back and neck have been killing me. Too much working on traffic logs this week. I thought the glasses would help me not have to lean into my computer screen, but obviously something is awry.

Which brings me to #2: one more day. I fear I need another day to get everything done at work and home in preparation for a vacation (and holiday). Why is it that I have to put in double time to take time off?

And I could use a few extra personal hours this week because although I got my oil changed and tires rotated today, I need (#3) to squeeze in another appointment to get my serpentine belt replaced. Tomorrow, I guess.
I've already given up on the fact that I desperately need (#4) a hair cut. I'll be doing a traditional vacation hair appointment, just watch out for me on vacation with super rock star salon hair! Could be dangerous.

With one day left before the big fireworks fiesta and subsequent vacation, what I really need is (#5) to start making a list.

Cutie Cutes

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Alive

I'm alive Mom and Dad. No worries.

I got side-lined by a headache last night for about an hour, but I am back on the side where I want to keep living.

It was not more than twelve hours after reading an article about common headache causes that I was struck by a severe headache out of what I thought was the clear blue sky.

As it turns out, that article about storms causing headaches because of pressure changes may have been right on the money. After an hour of wishing for sudden death while immobilized on the porch sofa, I finally turned a corner where I felt like I could move without getting sick. I dragged myself up to take Peanut outside and by the time I was back in, I felt well enough to straighten the house before bed.

Finally around midnight as I was turning off my bedside lamp, the storm started rolling in fast. The thunder drummed over and over as the lightening played like a discotheque through my open window.

I've endured a lot of headaches in my day. Starting when I was only about ten years old, I've experienced everything from migraines to lightening bolt headaches to cap headaches to the dull everyday headache that ebbs and flows like a tide of pain. Last night was a doozy! I still haven't fully recovered, but I'm still alive to tell the tale.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peanut Enjoying Porch Time


The Porch

Sweet Sunday

All of this rain lately really reminds me of my childhood. Every year when theatre was all wrapped up for the summer, my family packed up the car with the three of us kids packed like sardines in the back seat, and off to Wisconsin Dells we went.

We actually stayed at my grandparent's campsite at a park in Lake Delton. Our family of five would invade the camper built for two. There were nights spent on the dining room floor under the table, nights spent "camping out" in the screen porch with cots and sleeping bags, and sometimes we even got the pull-out sofa bed. But I also remember spreading out a sleeping bag in the closet.

Each and every time I got to use my favorite pink, flowered quilt (there were two so my sister and I each got one), and every single year it rained. Storms make me nervous, but the drumming of rain on the camper roof could always sooth me to sleep.

Unfortunately I don't have a steel roof anymore, but my porch has become that soothing haven during a rainstorm. As I sit here now, I can smell the earth, dampened from the rain and feel the cool breezes from the gray sky.

I've completed my walk down memory lane by cooking turkey bacon and pancakes and brewing a pot of coffee. Enjoying breakfast on the porch takes me right back to the camping trips of my youth. Now in the comfort of my own home. I get to use my other grandmother's sugar jar (now loaded with Splenda). Of course that brings back other vacation memories to perhaps visit another day.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Pasta is so delicious! I don't make it that often at home and when I do I use the wheat stuff that is pumped up with protein and omega 3s (it makes me feel better about it, okay).

Tonight while the pasta was boiling I stepped out to the backyard to cut a handful of basil. I sliced it into fine little ribbons and topped it with olive oil. A deseeded and diced tomato along with sliced kalmata olives and dinner was beginning to take form. All it needed was a couple cloves of pressed garlic and a dash of salt and pepper.

The flavors commingled as the pasta finished cooking. After draining the rottini noodles, I tossed them with the tomato basil mix and sprinkled with parmesan.

Ah... Delightful. These are a few of my favorite ingredients. Throw them together and you can't go wrong!

Friday, June 24, 2011

La Sigh

Oh it was a long day today.

I visited one of my favorite watering holes last night after work. It was one of those evenings where you fully intend to go home early, but completely lose all sense of time. It's tricky to know when to call it a night when time ceases to exist.

By the time I was crawling into bed, it was early indeed...early morning. Daybreak came around all too fast as well.

I chugged through my day at half speed, surprisingly accomplishing quite a bit including a little theatre design work over my lunch break. I still have a lot at work I haven't caught up on. This may be the weekend that needs to happen.

I have big hopes for these two little days. I'll need to get motivated to squeeze everything in. So far, I accomplished a porch nap with my weekend... and it was glorious.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm cooking in my new specs tonight. So far so good! However, I haven't attempted to read any labels. I feel like the glasses will end up on my head if I need to do that.

I do catch myself trying to look around the glasses. Is that normal? I suppose you get used to these things.

So, I heard this promo on ALICE today about grilled cheese, cheese toasties. It makes me want one every time! I mentioned I would need to go out to get bread and cheese so I could make one, and so I did.

The grown up inside reprimanded me about just eat grilled cheese for dinner, so I'm also making a roasted red pepper soup with ingredients from the pantry. As soon as the simmering stops I'll be ready to puree and throw that grilled cheese toasty on the griddle.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh My Achin'

My head hurts. I thought you got headaches from needing glasses, not wearing them. I feel as though I have a lot of adjusting to do before I'm a regular glasses wearer.

I wore them off and on at work today. They helped me see my monitor, but I had to look under the frames to read. If I had to walk around, I put the glasses on my head because I got dizzy. Not sure if one can adjust to that.

I tested them out in the car during the day and they made me dizzy too, but then driving tends to make me dizzy anyhow (how do I survive each day?). In the dark of night, though, I was amazed at all the signs I could read. And when I took Peanut out in the backyard I could track him without squinting.
I feel as though these glasses will be amazingly helpful if I can get used to them!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Self Destructing

Today was extraordinarily challenging while equally non-eventful. I absolutely hate doing nothing. Especially while I'm being paid. I know... one of my many un-american attributes.

Putting in a few hours on my pre-Monday, I happened to notice that my computer is a piece of shit. I finally gave up and went home, but found the computer in the same snaggly mess on Monday morning. I managed to knock out a few tasks by closing my ancient Outlook program, but before too long, I had been booted from my computer.

I escaped to lunch, and when I returned the thing looked deceased. Again, I managed to accomplish some work remotely from another office until a co-worker suggested I make going to the eye doctor a priority.

Yes. Yes, a priority. I made an appointment for this afternoon. After a quick exam and an eternity going through a hundred frames that all look the same, I was off to dawdle around Target while waiting for my glasses.

I picked up a few things I needed and a few I wanted before I caught myself drooling over storage bins and decided I needed a quick escape. Luckily my frames were completed early and I was off.

I'm concerned that they make a computer screen more blurry than my actual eyes, but am reassured by the fact that my computer has self destructed and I may never need to see the screen again.

Tomorrow will tell all. Until then, I'm consoling myself with rhubarb mojitos. *win.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have a few blossoms on my pepper plants! I have high hopes for them despite the container's predecessor's performance.

While tring to coax the peppers, I'm restraining my basil as much as possible. However, today I see flowers on the basil. I understand you're supposed to harvest before it blooms. Can I just harvest it all and purchase new plants? That may be an option for a continued delicious summer!

I'm feeling like I missed the boat on my very own tomato plants. At times it feels like summer is still blossoming and yet I see it fading away just as quickly.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Savory Start To Spaghetti!

Sweet mother of all things delicious! My first attempt at spaghetti sauce and turkey meatballs was not too shabby.

After researching recipes a bit online, I compiled the ingredients I thought I needed and then paired it down. The meatballs are one serving of meat (only half are shown here), but the sauce is not. I plan to freeze it like I normally would when opening a jar of store-bought sauce.

I sampled a meatball first without sauce so I could really taste the flavors. Let me tell you, they are savory. They consist of ground turkey, egg, veggie pulp, mushrooms, garlic, seasoning, and a little fine bread crumbs. I intended not to include those, but when mixing, I knew it was needed. Next time I'll tweak the rest of the ingredients to try to eliminate the bread crumbs. But the flavor, my friends, is fantastic.

The sauce was way too zippy for my ideal spaghetti sauce. It was more in line with my pizza sauce due to the cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. Next time I'll skip those. Initially it was also way too sweet for me. I added a tablespoon of sugar, but there was apple and carrot in the veggie pulp I used and I think the sugar was unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty damn good with the flavors I ended up with, but I can do better. I'm excited to try again!


I'm back to the daily grind. I'm armed with a fridge full of veggies and enjoying fresh juice again! I actually went so long without apples to add to my veggie juice, now the sweetness overwhelms the juice. I may have to enjoy those separately.

I'm still seeking a good recipe option for cabbage and I'm exploring pulp recipes. I feel the sweet pulp from my carrots and apples would compliment a spaghetti sauce. Tonight may be the night to tackle putting together a Lonely Girl Recipe for that. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pesto Induced Storms

I may be angry. It seems I'm extraordinarily violent and irrational. For the last two nights I've woken up exhausted from fighting with people in my dreams. I'm so tired of the fighting, but what is it I'm really upset about? I've made another dose of pesto tonight...extra garlic... to entice my crazy dreamer side.

As I sat outside overseeing Peanut tonight, lightening winked at me over the rooftops. As I crawled into bed, a weather text warned me of the impending storm. I can already hear it rumble a warning.

This combination is surely inclined to rock my dreams. Only the fan humming in the window can lull me into another fitful night of sleep. What will my dreams show me tonight?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Southwind Sightseeing

As radio folk, we're granted special privileges. Tonight that meant a private tram ride tour of Southwind Park with complimentary tasting glass. Don't ask too many questions.

We arrived at Erin's Pavilion and were briefed on all the details of the park along with upcoming Father's Day Celebration info. This 80-acre state-of-the-art park is absolutely amazing starting with Erin's Pavilion being one of only 140 buildings in the world with this fancy schmancy platinum rating for being green.

The thought and care that poured into every little aspect if this park is astounding. We hopped on a golf cart tram and toured the entire thing complete with pit stops for explanations of all the super-cool stuff and behind-the-scenes details.

Southwind Park only opened in 2010, but it is going to get ever better with each passing year.

I'm contemplating a hot air balloon ride for the big Father's Day Celebration, but I also can't wait to host out of town guests. Dad and I could play bocce while Mom perched in the shade of the arbor. Some of my crazy friends might get coerced into a game of horse shoes. Sherman and I could take a bike ride around the park before a picnic in the tree house. Or if my nieces and nephew ever come to visit, they could cast a line into the pond, romp in the playground, or splash in the fountain.

I can hardly wait! Who is going to visit me first?

Sunset At Southwind Park

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Is My Mail And Other Nonsense

I was a little disappointed to arrive home last night to no mail. I had it held while out of town, but must have requested they deliver it today. Or did I? Where is it now? No mail for me!

I should have had a movie waiting for me at home, and two nights in a row I could have used a movie night. Instead I stopped by a WQLZ Big Hog Giveaway Stop, which was conveniently located at a bar. They offered fantastico specials on burgers and fries and I couldn't resist. Another night without having to grocery shop!

My only concern is with the juice. I was thrilled to reunite with my juicer, but only had carrots and celery left to juice this morning. Now I've used my carrots up and my motivation for grocery shopping is fleeing like a runaway cart in the grocery store parking lot!

Perhaps tomorrow my life will come together in a magical explosion of motivation and groceries. One can only hope the result is juice.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Oh My

We embarked on a whirlwind trip only days ago. I sang karaoke. We after barred where I learned about the deliciousness of Captain and Diet Dr. Pepper. I dined in a Wal Mart among other fantastic restaurants. And that was just in Springfield, Missouri.

Then we traveled further south to Branson. I worked out hiking the hills in Silver Dollar City. We imbibed excessively while waiting and waiting for our dinner, but I haven't laughed that much in ages!

Our training was amazing and hopefully I'll improve because of it. And then there was another beautiful night on the Landing, delectable dinner, a taste of Italy, a fake tattoo, and a sparkly hat. What more could a girl have asked for?

Marvelous times with magnificent people in Missouri!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peanut On Doggie Vacation

Doggie love.

Thank you for using Picture and Video Messaging by U.S. Cellular. See for info.

Spring MO

We arrived safe and sound in Springfield, MO pretty close to our estimated time of arrival. We had just enough time to sort out our hotel rooms (mostly) freshen up and grab a couple overpriced drinks in the hotel bar before heading downtown for dinner with some radio folks here.

At Big Whiskey's, I enjoyed a couple watermelon drinks and our table enjoyed a buffet of appetizers including really tasty fried pickles! While waiting for our salads we discovered there was a room reserved for me that the desk clerk didn't mention at check-in, so after we finally got those salads eaten (mostly), and completed a walking tour of downtown, we headed back to the hotel to check into my vacant room.

Then we headed out on the town to a fancy little bar where they took such good care of us while we enjoyed country rockesque live music from a bunch of rock n roll cowboys. I enjoyed it (mostly). I'm not used to smoky bars anymore, but I understand last night was the last night for smoking in bars in Missouri...yay!

Maybe caverns on the agenda for today...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pit Stop In St. Louis

We stopped at a bocce garden in St. Louis for lunch. There was no bocce going on, but we had the most amazing chicken pizza! ETA in Spring, MO is 5:08. Can't wait to eat more. What is it with Missouri and us eating constantly?

Where To Begin?

It has been another busy week!
I attend SoHo Music Fest for the first time last weekend. It was hot, hot, hot out, but nothing beats drinking under the stars.

I'm just glad I wasn't there the second night for the crazy wind storm when our radio station lost a tent. That was the night I was enjoying delicious tilapia at a restaurant I've never been to and then hiding out in a movie theater, blissfully unaware of the weather outside. My garbage cans were the ones to tell me about the windstorm when I got home.

I even squeezed in a road trip for antiquing. All in all, it was a big weekend for Illinois adventures.
This work week was crazy busy in preparation for a couple days off. Last night I took Peanut to his puppy sitter's house for a visit and dinner...bacon wrapped steaks on the grill (drooly drooly). We had some traumatic moments trying to drag him up the stairs, but finally got him in the house. A few hours later he was snuggling on the couch when I decided to leave him there a night early. I'm heading back over with his essentials this morning before hitting the road. I miss him already. When I got home I still expected him to greet me at the door. Silliness, right?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long Week

It has felt like a long week at work already. The Tuesday after a holiday Monday always feels like a Monday times a Tuesday. Why is that? I suppose working a day and a half on Tuesday didn't help.

And with the holiday, you'd think that I'd be a day behind all week, but I'm not. I keep feeling it is a day later than it actually is. We still have two more days this week. What will I do with all that time? Should be plenty to get everything done, right? Fingers crossed!

I'm ready to settle into a work routine that involves going home and doing other things after work. The question is, what activities should I take up? I have really been thinking a lot lately about painting, but I usually do that to fill a wall in my house and I don't have any space for more on my walls. I need a project that will benefit my house. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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