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Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Alive

I'm alive Mom and Dad. No worries.

I got side-lined by a headache last night for about an hour, but I am back on the side where I want to keep living.

It was not more than twelve hours after reading an article about common headache causes that I was struck by a severe headache out of what I thought was the clear blue sky.

As it turns out, that article about storms causing headaches because of pressure changes may have been right on the money. After an hour of wishing for sudden death while immobilized on the porch sofa, I finally turned a corner where I felt like I could move without getting sick. I dragged myself up to take Peanut outside and by the time I was back in, I felt well enough to straighten the house before bed.

Finally around midnight as I was turning off my bedside lamp, the storm started rolling in fast. The thunder drummed over and over as the lightening played like a discotheque through my open window.

I've endured a lot of headaches in my day. Starting when I was only about ten years old, I've experienced everything from migraines to lightening bolt headaches to cap headaches to the dull everyday headache that ebbs and flows like a tide of pain. Last night was a doozy! I still haven't fully recovered, but I'm still alive to tell the tale.

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