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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh My Achin'

My head hurts. I thought you got headaches from needing glasses, not wearing them. I feel as though I have a lot of adjusting to do before I'm a regular glasses wearer.

I wore them off and on at work today. They helped me see my monitor, but I had to look under the frames to read. If I had to walk around, I put the glasses on my head because I got dizzy. Not sure if one can adjust to that.

I tested them out in the car during the day and they made me dizzy too, but then driving tends to make me dizzy anyhow (how do I survive each day?). In the dark of night, though, I was amazed at all the signs I could read. And when I took Peanut out in the backyard I could track him without squinting.
I feel as though these glasses will be amazingly helpful if I can get used to them!

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  1. I always feel a little off or dizzy when I get a new pair of glasses too and I've been wearing them since I was 10. My dark frames were especially hard to get used to. I really like your glasses. I hope I can find ones that I really like.



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