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Monday, June 20, 2011

Self Destructing

Today was extraordinarily challenging while equally non-eventful. I absolutely hate doing nothing. Especially while I'm being paid. I know... one of my many un-american attributes.

Putting in a few hours on my pre-Monday, I happened to notice that my computer is a piece of shit. I finally gave up and went home, but found the computer in the same snaggly mess on Monday morning. I managed to knock out a few tasks by closing my ancient Outlook program, but before too long, I had been booted from my computer.

I escaped to lunch, and when I returned the thing looked deceased. Again, I managed to accomplish some work remotely from another office until a co-worker suggested I make going to the eye doctor a priority.

Yes. Yes, a priority. I made an appointment for this afternoon. After a quick exam and an eternity going through a hundred frames that all look the same, I was off to dawdle around Target while waiting for my glasses.

I picked up a few things I needed and a few I wanted before I caught myself drooling over storage bins and decided I needed a quick escape. Luckily my frames were completed early and I was off.

I'm concerned that they make a computer screen more blurry than my actual eyes, but am reassured by the fact that my computer has self destructed and I may never need to see the screen again.

Tomorrow will tell all. Until then, I'm consoling myself with rhubarb mojitos. *win.

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