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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Sunday

All of this rain lately really reminds me of my childhood. Every year when theatre was all wrapped up for the summer, my family packed up the car with the three of us kids packed like sardines in the back seat, and off to Wisconsin Dells we went.

We actually stayed at my grandparent's campsite at a park in Lake Delton. Our family of five would invade the camper built for two. There were nights spent on the dining room floor under the table, nights spent "camping out" in the screen porch with cots and sleeping bags, and sometimes we even got the pull-out sofa bed. But I also remember spreading out a sleeping bag in the closet.

Each and every time I got to use my favorite pink, flowered quilt (there were two so my sister and I each got one), and every single year it rained. Storms make me nervous, but the drumming of rain on the camper roof could always sooth me to sleep.

Unfortunately I don't have a steel roof anymore, but my porch has become that soothing haven during a rainstorm. As I sit here now, I can smell the earth, dampened from the rain and feel the cool breezes from the gray sky.

I've completed my walk down memory lane by cooking turkey bacon and pancakes and brewing a pot of coffee. Enjoying breakfast on the porch takes me right back to the camping trips of my youth. Now in the comfort of my own home. I get to use my other grandmother's sugar jar (now loaded with Splenda). Of course that brings back other vacation memories to perhaps visit another day.

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