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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Need

#1: A massage. My back and neck have been killing me. Too much working on traffic logs this week. I thought the glasses would help me not have to lean into my computer screen, but obviously something is awry.

Which brings me to #2: one more day. I fear I need another day to get everything done at work and home in preparation for a vacation (and holiday). Why is it that I have to put in double time to take time off?

And I could use a few extra personal hours this week because although I got my oil changed and tires rotated today, I need (#3) to squeeze in another appointment to get my serpentine belt replaced. Tomorrow, I guess.
I've already given up on the fact that I desperately need (#4) a hair cut. I'll be doing a traditional vacation hair appointment, just watch out for me on vacation with super rock star salon hair! Could be dangerous.

With one day left before the big fireworks fiesta and subsequent vacation, what I really need is (#5) to start making a list.

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