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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Is My Mail And Other Nonsense

I was a little disappointed to arrive home last night to no mail. I had it held while out of town, but must have requested they deliver it today. Or did I? Where is it now? No mail for me!

I should have had a movie waiting for me at home, and two nights in a row I could have used a movie night. Instead I stopped by a WQLZ Big Hog Giveaway Stop, which was conveniently located at a bar. They offered fantastico specials on burgers and fries and I couldn't resist. Another night without having to grocery shop!

My only concern is with the juice. I was thrilled to reunite with my juicer, but only had carrots and celery left to juice this morning. Now I've used my carrots up and my motivation for grocery shopping is fleeing like a runaway cart in the grocery store parking lot!

Perhaps tomorrow my life will come together in a magical explosion of motivation and groceries. One can only hope the result is juice.


  1. Mmmm...maybe you should haul that thing to WI so I can try it out. Does it do shaved ice? Someone recently told me their juicer did shaved ice. Neato.

  2. Probably not ice. It was only $21. Besides, I have a Ninja for that! I could bring it with. I may want it anyhow!



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