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Friday, June 10, 2011

Where To Begin?

It has been another busy week!
I attend SoHo Music Fest for the first time last weekend. It was hot, hot, hot out, but nothing beats drinking under the stars.

I'm just glad I wasn't there the second night for the crazy wind storm when our radio station lost a tent. That was the night I was enjoying delicious tilapia at a restaurant I've never been to and then hiding out in a movie theater, blissfully unaware of the weather outside. My garbage cans were the ones to tell me about the windstorm when I got home.

I even squeezed in a road trip for antiquing. All in all, it was a big weekend for Illinois adventures.
This work week was crazy busy in preparation for a couple days off. Last night I took Peanut to his puppy sitter's house for a visit and dinner...bacon wrapped steaks on the grill (drooly drooly). We had some traumatic moments trying to drag him up the stairs, but finally got him in the house. A few hours later he was snuggling on the couch when I decided to leave him there a night early. I'm heading back over with his essentials this morning before hitting the road. I miss him already. When I got home I still expected him to greet me at the door. Silliness, right?

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