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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hop Hop

So I worked late Wednesday even though I said there was no way I was going to work late. I planned to hop on over to the West side of town to do a little shopping after work, so a couple of hours later it was 830 and I was finally rolling into my driveway.

I hit the ground running to get all packed up, but it took a lot longer than I anticipated. I kept thinking of things I needed to do. I was definitely scattered!

I wrote out some bills, took out the trash, and layed out my clothes for the early alarm. I snuggled into my soft bed about 1230. I clicked on my guided meditation and tried to let all of the little thoughts and to-do lists ease out of my head like the air from a day-old birthday party balloon.

So relaxed.... Deep sleep...

A little too deep. I slept through both alarms set for 3. At 4 I practically lept from my bed. I had planned to leave by 4, but by some miraculous unicorn pixie dust power I rolled out of the driveway onto the dark street at 415.

By 540 the security guard at BMI was joking with me about my shoe scan (I was still not awake enough to get the subtle humor of airport security folk). I glided up the escalader, made a pit stop in the restrooms, and boarded my flight.

And here I am in Chicago for the morning to people watch and wait for my plane. I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump from a beach in Florida!

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