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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Traditional Fall Chemical Burns

After a late breakfast following a late halloween party night, I grabbed a rag to clean up. Because I'm crazy, a simple task like wiping off the stove can quickly lead to an all out cleaning fest.

My thoughts turned to my first apartment and my very first stove and the day I realized the stove top lifted up. It was a whole new world of crumbtasticness that hadn't been seen in over a year. And I diligently restored the old olive green appliance to just like new. Well as close to that as you can get with a rental property stove.

Today it triggered the memory of the baked on greasiness which had been building up in my stove. It occurred to me that fall is my stove cleaning time of year. Since my falls in Wisconsin in my very own home included preparing a Thanksgiving feast, I wanted to show off a clean stove. Not that any of my guests would care as much as I do about something like that.

Despite having no Thanksgiving preparation in my stove's future, I decided there is no time like the present. I've already undergone round one and the chemical burns in my lungs from said round. Round two went slightly better with a fan in the kitchen window blowing the chemicals out at my neighbors. Why do I never remember that until the chemicals are stinging my face and coking my airways?

Anyhoo, hopefully those chemicals are cleaning up the residual residue as we speak. Who knew a sparkly clean oven could make a girl so giddy? It almost inspires me to cook up a little storm in there.

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