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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snoozie Qs

Peanut is all curled up for a little snoozie Qs to make up for the big, big times he had in Tremp City.

We're both happy to be home after a little quality time with a few close friends and a lot of family time. Those kids sure wear us out!

I've unpacked, popped in my Elf DVD, and am going through my mail before I start spreading a little more Christmas cheer around the house. It's officially on!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today I'm thankful for pizza and a fun afternoon of lazer tag with the co-workers. I'm even more thankful that the blue team dominated for the championship win!

I'm thankful for an early start on the holiday traffic and a not too shabby drive all things considered.

Thanks to the folks for taking care of my dog and to Kohlrabi for showing me a good time out and about tonight in Wisconsin. There's more fun to be had tomorrow and eventually turkey!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve Eve

On this eve of Thanksgiving eve, I can officially say I'm ready for a little holiday vacation. I only worked about 9ish hours today, enjoyed a beer, and headed home for Peanut snuggles and trip prep.

Tomorrow I definitely have a few work things to wrap up, but I'm to the point where I can accept that sometimes some things don't get done. I hope the bosses concur.

I'm really looking forward to a sales pizza lunch and fun afternoon outing. It'll be a lovely way to close the door on the work-week and welcome in the holiday weekend. Happy turkey eve eve to all and too all a good night!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Motivation Rings Once

My whole plan this weekend was to get ready for Xmas. Fail! I washed the windows and curtains. I shrink wrapped the windows. That is about it!

I don't know where all my weekend time went, but I was definitely sidetracked. I didn't even make it in to work, which I'm sure I will regret when the inevitable 12-hour days hit me to make up a whole week, plus work ahead a whole week in three short days.

At least tonight I hauled a few pieces of Xmas decor out of the basement. So I may not have decked the halls, but I can feel confident that I'll come home to a dash of holiday spirit even if I work straight through to Wednesday. But let's hope for the miracle that I have time at home this week.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clearly Now

I managed to get the fall window cleaning checked off the to-do list today! Which is great because I'm pretty sure I never got around to the spring window cleaning.

I'm practically a professional now that I've figured out how to tilt the windows into the house without pulling them out of their little caster thingies. Mostly. I'll say I did much better than last time.

All it took was a spritz of water and apple cider vinegar and the glass was so sparkly clean I kept thinking I had left a window open. I can definitely see clearly now.

It is so much brighter in the house-perfect conditions to watch for the first snowfall as I decorate for Xmas tomorrow. However, with temps in the 50s, I'll probably have to imagine a white Christmas with a little help from my itunes. Clearly.

Fast Forward

I've decided I need to come home to Christmas next Sunday night. That puts this week on fast forward! If I want to get the house decorated this weekend, I need to have Thanksgiving NOW!

I started my day by making coffee and popping in my Home For The Holidays DVD. That's like really big winner.

After that, it's game on. I need to wash my windows despite the colder weather. Peanut still needs a bath. Then I'm going to pack up all those decorative pumpkins to haul to Wisconsin. And finally drag out the tinsel and greenery.

Oh and I can see my roots. I'll need to spruce up the hair before I head home for my holidays. I really can't wait. I'm ready to get there really quick and then press pause.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stuff It!

By some magic pixie dust power I've made it to this point and time of this crazy, crazy week. I remember a time long, long ago in a land far, far away when I was bored at work. Let me tell you this...not only have I not experienced that in Springfield, it's usually quite the opposite.

So tomorrow we're kicking off our big Stuff A Truck food drive at Schnucks on Sangamon and at Montvale. The lovely citizens of Springfield can bring non-perishable food donations to either location Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 7am-8pm, and Sunday 9am-3pm. Bags of food will also be available to purchase for donation. WQLZ, WMAY, WNNS, & ALICE are broadcasting live at the Sangamon location as well.

All super exciting! So kick off the giving season with Stuff A Truck this year!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gold Star

After a long week of work already and a near car accident, I pulled it together tonight and was productive at home. I got the whole house in tip top shape. It always amazes me how sparkling sinks and faucets make me so happy. I really missed my calling as a 1950's housewife.

Peanut has not yet undergone the aforementioned spa day, but I did manage to finish the nail trim job I started over the weekend. Previously I got about two nails trimmed before he put up a fuss and walked away.... and I noticed one was bleeding... all over the carpet.

After cleaning up that mess I abandoned the idea of a bath. But between you and me, his time is running out on the respite. He is getting to be a stinky boy and we've got special holiday plans. He's got to be the prettiest puppy in the neighborhood when he visits Grandma and Grandpa.

The clock is ticking away towards the holiday and I can't wait for a break. But for now I'm just super excited that payday coincides with dollar beer day. That's my kinda gold star! A girl has to be thankful for that kinda joy in the universe.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling The Holidaze

Today at work I prepared a Thanksgiving holiday schedule. Even worse, my Boss Lady passed out a December calendar at our morning meeting.

We have a food drive event this weekend and another exciting multiple-day event in the works that will fall between now and Xmas. Between those and holiday absences and monthly reporting being backlogged, I'm starting to feel that anxious holidaze creeping in.

So much is up in the air. I really should get my house in order so I feel like something is under my control. After a slacker housework weekend, I'm looking to pick up a little slack during my evening hours this week. I'm going to start that tomorrow. Yeah...tomorrow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yard Workin'

Since I tend to have lazy Saturdays, Sunday is usually my motivation day. After another attempt at perfecting whole wheat blueberry pancakes and downing a couple cups of coffee, I was ready for a little yard work.
I headed outside with Peanut and chose planting my mum as my first task. After standing and analyzing my tiny flower bed for a moment, I knew the best place for this mum would be in the flower bed I kept meaning to dig out. So I did.
I grabbed my border spade and hacked out all the grass along one side of the back fence. Then I trudged through all the fallen walnuts to use the spade to pry out old driveway bricks. One at a time I freed a brick from under a weedy mess and hauled it back to line my new bed.
I arranged the bricks along the meandering edge and cleaned our my container plants to fill the bed with soil. Then I plopped that mum right on the corner by the gate. I also took the opportunity to replant salvaged garlic bulbs. I'm super excited about that! And next spring I'll be able to plant a tomato plant in the ground! I already feel like I might need to expand in the spring. But for now, I'm happy.
I finished off the lovely 74 degree afternoon by spraying out those containers and putting them away for winter. I took outdoor furniture in, cleaned my grill, and even changed the oil in my lawn mower after one last run over all the leaves. However, this weather does make me want to use the grill one more time.
Now to tackle the indoor projects. I fear the sun is getting too low to properly clean the windows. That project is probably getting bumped. But little does Peanut know...he's in for a full spa day. Then I can finally tackle the regular weekly chores. I wish there were two of me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pile Of Parsley

While taking Peanut out last night I decided it was finally time to harvest the last of the parsley. Our temperatures are getting pretty cold in the evenings and I figured if I wanted to try to save this bountiful harvest, I probably should act quickly. After a few google searches I had a plan.
 I harvested all of the parsley from both containers. Four plants worth of growth. It was quite the pile of parsley.
I clipped off the leaves into this small glass.

Thanks to a Taste of Home Cooking School magazine tip I knew I could use my kitchen sheers to chop the parsley.
 Chop. Chop. Chop.

I bagged up NINE 1/4C servings into snack size bags. Can I just say, I couldn't survive without snack size bags. I frequenty use these for portioning out lonely girl servings for freezing.
Then I loaded up all the servings into my freezer bag and labled it. Hopefully this parsley will flavor my soups all winter long. Yay!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet

I was not able to avoid getting down with the sickness. I was down for two days. I felt as though I was dying, and yet here I am.

I returned to work today to put out all the fires that had erupted while I was out. I started my day by making a strong pot of coffee and forgot that not only had I not eaten breakfast, but I hadn't had caffeine in two days. And I was on cold meds. Within a few hours I was incredibly shakey and having a hard time focusing.

Breathing, water, and a snack reeled me back in. After a hearty bread bowl soup from Panera, I was practically feeling normal. Okay, sick, but better. I think I turned a corner today. I can't wait to get a long night's sleep and wake to find myself good as new. I'm not dead yet!

Monday, November 7, 2011


As early as last Friday I could feel a congestion building in my chest. A slight shortness of breath and inclination towards a croup.

I used this as an excuse to do very little over the weekend. I even contemplated heading in to work Sunday to get reports done so when the sickness really set in today, I could stay home to sleep. Well, as it turned out, I didn't feel like working Sunday any more than I felt motivated to do anything else productive.

This morning rolled around and other than the razor blades in my throat, the shortness of breath, and the insufferable urge to drift off to sleep, I wasn't feeling too shabby. I headed in to work. It wasn't even so horrifying.

I'm one of those people that doesn't get sick that often and when I do, I'm usually not as badly hit as others. I'm feeling like this one is going to blow over. Fingers crossed!

What really makes me angry is this new game I downloaded to my phone while lounging around doing nothing all weekend. Curiosity finally got the better of me and I had to see why our feathered friends were so angry. Now I know. This game is impossible!

What makes me angrier are the hours I've wasted already trying to use birds to knock down walls of wood and stone. And trying to figure how to launch the birds. And waiting for that little green head to roll off the cliff. And the fact that I can't figure it out, so I know I'll be back.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Explosion

Did I mention I finally found my favorite decorative stripey pumpkins?

In past years I've ventured to the Apple Barn in early September to gather as many of these beauties as I could afford. One year I even cut one open to harvest the seeds with the hopes of growing my own. The problem is I don't remember to plant the seeds until the fall when I want the pumpkins!

This year due to my lateness of decorating, when I searched the Apple Barn for them, I came out empty handed (Well, not completely... I did find an apple cinnamon fritter with my name on it). A few weeks later I found a bag of three of them at my local asbestos grocery store. It was marked three or four dollars, so I opted for only one bag.

Then on Halloween I needed to run to the WalMart over lunch to pick up cream cheese for my Wildtree party and I stumbled upon a huge crate of those threefer bags at a dollar a piece! FINALLY I'm all stocked up. I have little decorative pumpkins everywhere. And I'm dorky enough to be super excited about it!

These little guys will get me though November and will probably make the trek to Wisconsin to grace our family Thanksgiving table. I couldn't be more thankful for the bounty.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's been crazy windy in Springfield the last few days. Yesterday was cold and rainy, AND windy. In the afternoon I noticed a large branch had fallen out of my walnut tree and onto one of those cables coming from the main line in the alley to my house. It was perched on the wire and hanging down to the ground.
Luckily a call to my landlord took care of that problem. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything about the week that was rushing by me with a giant "whoosh."
I didn't participate in any Halloween festivities ON Halloween because children frighten me and I realized I had planned to host a Wildtree party on Tuesday that I had completely forgotten was coming up so quickly.
I worked a little late, hit up the grocery store, then headed home to mix up my samples and do the housework I had neglected over the weekend. Everything came together nicely for a small gathering of friends, food, and a little fizz. I even had a few leftovers to share at work.
Wednesday was another big day with pre-event prep. I had a lot of little details to wrap up at the office, plus errands. This year I needed to do the grocery shopping for our Taste of Home Cooking School. It was nerve-wracking to think about, but with the help of one of our trusty morning show guys, we shopped Super Market Sweep style in record time. By noon I had the groceries unloaded at the center and everything inventoried. And back to the office.
I got a little extra snoozy q's on Thursday morning before I was needed at the center to unload our culinary specialist, the one and only Dana Elliott. Before long I was prepping and preparing Hot Fudge Cake and a dijon chicken dish. So much fun. We finished everything in record time and I enjoyed lunch with a few other kitchen helpers before one last jaunt to the office to complete the final pieces of the big event puzzle.
I slowed down for a movie and nap time with Peanut before his dinner and my return to the center for the show. Everything ran smoothly for the most part and the show was great! I can't wait to do it again next year!
To finish off my crazy week, I was invited to a gala fundraiser dinner today...for tonight. I rushed home to glam up in my only gala-worthy dress and rushed out the door with a final whoosh for the week. I think I'm settled in for a little less whoosh for a few days. Ahhh.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Birthday Blog

So I wrote this really extensive blog yesterday about my birthday festivities and after hitting send I believe it got lost in cyber space. It never showed up on the blog, but a spam post did. Boo!
I will say that I spent the whole weekend with Kohlrabi and the Rabbi (I noticed the strangeness of that as I wrote it). They kept me entertained with cocktails and zombies and such. We visited Lincoln's homestead and sampled fudge at the Apple Barn and enjoyed a "big breakfast" at Charlie Parkers. Mostly absolutely glorious.
After there days of pre-birthday celebration and with Kohlrabi back on the road to Minnesota, the Rabbi and I ventured out one more time for a Real Birthday dinner at Bella Milano. It was a beautifully perfect way to quietly usher in my 34th year (NOTE TO MOM: That means I'm 33).


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