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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clearly Now

I managed to get the fall window cleaning checked off the to-do list today! Which is great because I'm pretty sure I never got around to the spring window cleaning.

I'm practically a professional now that I've figured out how to tilt the windows into the house without pulling them out of their little caster thingies. Mostly. I'll say I did much better than last time.

All it took was a spritz of water and apple cider vinegar and the glass was so sparkly clean I kept thinking I had left a window open. I can definitely see clearly now.

It is so much brighter in the house-perfect conditions to watch for the first snowfall as I decorate for Xmas tomorrow. However, with temps in the 50s, I'll probably have to imagine a white Christmas with a little help from my itunes. Clearly.

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