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Monday, January 23, 2012

Proton Storm's A Commin'

So I read some article about this proton storm thingy heading our way. And by our, I mean earth. Not like Springfield. Like stay in tonight, the roads are going to be a mess with all that proton storm coming down. No.

Anyhoo, I understand I can blame all things on this storm and if we're lucky, we'll all survive. Just fair warning...if my piece of junk computer plays the same tricks tomorrow that it played today, I may have to go home early with a proton storm.

I plan to order a fancy knife set if I can carve out two minutes of me time tomorrow, so I have big plans for that heap of junk! And I need plenty of working computer time to done so I can leave the office at a decent hour and restock the groceries. Knives and groceries and protons, oh my!

I've got a big day ahead of me. And you do to! Don't forget the umbrella. It's going to be a nasty one!

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