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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Days

Two days are all I ask for. Just two whole days to work on clearing off my desk with no interruptions.

Nobody coming to ask me anything. Nobody emailing me something to fix. Or do. Or something wrong that I need to problem solve. Nothing to look over. Nothing to write up. Nothing to redo. Do over. Do in my "spare" time (LOVE that one--sure I'll file this away for never. How does never work for you?).

Thank goodness for weekends! Let's hope I get a good head start on my weekend work tomorrow because I'm in for an abbreviated work weekend with all this event I have going on.

Whew. Just breathe. Just keep breathing.

I'm hoping for a quiet day around the office tomorrow. I have no training planned, so it's just event work and emergencies on the agenda. And if all else fails, I trained one of the bosses to enter orders, so I could put him to work!

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