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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hold On A Minute!

I haven't felt super blogger girl lately. Nothing is going on, everything is same old same old. But I think, hey... I should check my dashboard. I've got this reader thingy with all the blogs I'm subscribed to.

So I catch up on my reading and check my stats. I want to know who found my blog by searching for pictures of dorks! It is bad enough that my blog comes up when you search for that! Although, I have to admit the truth. You got me.

I'll try to come up with a pluthera of dorky pictures to post just for you.

In other news, I replaced my brake light today. Passenger side. Excitement!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Practically Leisurely Whirlwind Weekend

My Wisconsin getaway weekend was slowed down slightly by an extra half day vacation time. Instead of hitting the road after dinner, I took the afternoon off and was arriving in Wisconsin after dinner.

Time. After dinnertime. I saved myself for a nosh of naked tenders at the BWW with my favorite spicy garlic sauce (both gluten free!). I was thrilled to leave there feeling great. Well I felt great about how I actually felt after eating, not so great about the pathetic trivia loss I suffered! I'm out of practice!

I also hit up a great deal of shopping establishments while vacationing in Wisconsin and I'm pleased with all my glorious finds. I enjoyed Friday Fish out with the family and quality sister time to boot! And of course I squeezed in a few dice game wins with my mom.

The visit culminated with the grand birthday celebration which was the purpose of the trip. A traditional birthday Freighthouse dinner was made sweeter with a pre-party wine tasting at Blondy's lilly pad. The birthday dinner itself was wrought with drama and intrigue as new boyfriends and other surprise conversations unfolded. I wish I had it all on tape! The evening blurred through the John's Bar, Bodega, and a Northside bar I don't care to mention. It was all the glorious fabulousness a birthday celebration should be.

The weekend came to a screeching halt on Sunday as I woke startled to find myself on Blondy's couch. And realized I drank a lot more than I have in a really long time. I was feeling a sympathy year older. I sealed the weekend with a lunch out with my mom's family and hit the road south. Thank goodness for a record travel time on the way home and a full week of nothing to help me recover!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is It Friday Yet?!

I'm so tired. I almost forgot to get my oil changed and now that I'm here, I'm afraid I'll pass out on the cold tile flooring. Can't keep my eyes open!

I'm looking forward to an early bedtime before my big travel day, but I'm concerned. I haven't been home at all this week. I need to hustle on the laundry so I have some clothes to take on vacation.

So, who's making me dinner?!

Love Letters

I've been thinking about this off and on all day. It's love letter time, post marked Springfield, sealed with kisses, and addressed to you!

I've had a pretty damn good year! Things are always looking up and I've been blessed with amazing fabulousness.

I love my job. I somehow ended up coordinating events and it couldn't be perfecter. I've been a party planner for as long as I can remember and now I get paid to do it. And I work with a bunch of pretty cool people. I was reminded recently that there are unsavory people out there and I'm glad they don't work with me every day! So thanks to the Boss Man who has given me more than one fresh start in my career. I wouldn't be here without you. Literally!

Thanks so much to friends who are goodly enough to get married in Florida and invite me along for the ride! Seriously, my trip to Florida was a highlight of the year. It was my very first loner big adventure and I survived! I love learning that I'm more capable than I give myself credit for. And it was really fun!

Distance may keep me from seeing the Trempealeau Breakfast Club as often as I would like, but I still cherish the time I get with each of them. I love it when I get a visit here--a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating my birthday! I love it when I vacation on the Mississippi at the Hotel Sherman and snuggling in for quality HGTV time. May we have more adventures for years to come. I wish you all the best with your daily lives and look forward to growing old with all of you!

I'm so excited at the prospect of having my family visit this year. I can't wait to share Springfield with the nieces and nephew finally! I wish I could see them all every day. I think about them lots!

And my most recent biggest excitement is getting back on a stage! Thanks to the one director in town who knows me and is willing to get my butt on stage! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to audition and even more thankful that you give me a shot. There is little that I love more than theatre. I could live and breathe it every day and never tire of painting flats, smelling sawdust, caking on make up, quick changes back stage, memorizing lines, staying up way too late on school nights, and making theatre friends for life. Absolutely dreamy.

Thanks to everyone who has touched my life over the last year. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow brings and I hope you're all there to share it with me!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome Super Stars!

I helped welcome the Super Stars to Springfield yesterday with a few laps around the roller rink. I can't recall the last time I was on skates, but I was probably twelve. We had a good time and worked up a bit of an appetite for dinner. (I didn't even fall on my face.)
Dinner led to drinks as it sometimes does and somehow we ended up with Lincoln hats. Where did these even come from? We played inappropriate drinking games along with the Grammy's and had a good night all around. I feel like I should be sitting in training today.

Can't wait to meet up with the kids again for dinner!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free Food

It's wintery outside and I don't have any work this weekend (unless you count roller skating...I'm sure there will be an update on that), so I'm paying the house a little attention.

When is the last time you cleaned your cleaning products? Or appliances? It has been way too long for me. I cleaned off the dishwasher. Yuck! I wiped away grease on the stove and the tile surrounding it. I disinfected the interior of the fridge as I tossed old products and items that no longer fit into my dietary vision. The microwave got a lemon water steam bath and the cupboard fronts were wiped down as well.

Then I tackled the pantry. All the items I no longer intend to eat are boxed up. I hope someone will be interested in using some of the food, but the unopened things can always go to the food bank. The bread machine and toaster are out. The pasta and rice containers are emptied. And those 50's flour and sugar containers now happily contain coconut flour and coconut sugar...items I actually use.

I have so much more on the agenda for today. Now to whip the rest of the house into shape!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Must Stop

I had cereal tonight. My body does not like cereal. For the record, my body does not like cheese either. Nor pasta. I haven't even really tried beer, because I know... I knew before it made me feel yucky and it's going to be a thousand times worse now.

When I try a food and it makes me feel like crap, I just want it outta me. It is so much easier not to eat the crap in the first place. I met the coworkers out for lunch today and found something to order, but my afternoon avocado snack turned out to be a bust. It had two too many trips in the lunch bag and was bruised and battered and inedible. By the time I got home I was hungry and not thinking clearly when I decided it would be a good idea to try out that leftover cereal.

So as I sipped from a mug of hot lemon water in an attempt to debloat from the carb attack on my body, I realized all the crap has to go. I need to get that stuff out of my pantry and out of the house. I will be a happier girl for it.

My next step has got to be working out a better plan for a hunger strike. I need to have something in the pantry that will be good for me to eat. Perhaps something I could store in my flour or sugar canister! Now taking grain-free suggestions.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

These red curtains were an impulse buy, on clearance, from the place where I purchased my knew knife set. I thought they were a bright red that would match my super sexy hot red formica and chrome dining room table. I've been hating the blah ditty blah curtains in the dining room for quite some time.

They turned out to be a darker red, so I swapped them for the curtains flanking my fireplace. I just got the curtain clips today so they slide open easily (these are room darkening curtains, so it's been REALLY dark in my living room). I am loving the deep red against the white trim and dark grey wall.

And as a bonus, I think the former curtains look better in the dining room as well. I love happy decorating accidents!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cupboard Project Continues

I forgot to throw my sheets in the first wash tonight and so here I sit waiting for the dryer to buzz buzz. I decided to tackle one more cupboard.

I've been slowly getting my cupboards and drawers lined with new, not horrifying, contact paper. All the drawers and the easy cupboard are done. All that remains are the low, deep cupboards and the tippy top, high above the stove and refrigerator cupboards. Hence the stalling.

But I have to stay awake until my sheets are done, so I plopped myself on the kitchen floor and tackled one more. The funny thing I've noticed is that I like the super old paper under the horrifying little blue tea kettles more than the crap I've put up with for almost three years here.

But I like the speckley blue grey, white and black new paper the best. It almost seems like it goes with my dark grey kitchen and it definitely puts me in a more zen cooking mood. Can't wait until everything in my kitchen is recontacted!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I started my day with a part offer for Theatre in the Park's To Kill A Mockingbird! I'll have the pleasure of performing as Miss Maudie this time around Macomb. I'm incredibly excited!

Tonight Peanut and I celebrated his thirteenth birthday with a quiet evening at home.

I didn't have time to bake a cake for the party, but I did give him a new toy. It looks like he wants to take a nap on it. After all, naps are his fave.

Happy birthday little buddy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still Waiting

I began my weekend with a morning audition for Theatre in the Park. I should have held off and gone later in the afternoon as I did a lot of waiting around. This was my first time auditioning with the cattle call set up and I feel I have learned my lesson.

But as a reward for all that waiting, I had a good ten or fifteen minutes in front of directors for two different shows. There is something magical just in an audition process. Theatre sparks life within me and I left rejuvenated.

Now I just need to wait to see if I get cast!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miserable Lessons

Oh the lessons we learn.

Today I picked up a pre-packaged salad for lunch...with a little shredded cheese and milk-based dressing. It honestly wansn't too bad. I was nervous how I would handle the dairy. I've felt better, but lunch didn't kill me.

Then I headed downtown for a night out. I arrived to find that "dinner" was a pulled meat sandwich, pasta salad, and chips. I had a pile of the meat and two captain and diets.

It's hard to say what made me feel worse. Was there random crap in the sauce... or meat? Or was it just the liquor? Or soda for that matter? I haven't had suger much for the last month except in fruit and I admit, coconut milk. Let me tell you... I don't care if I ever have another soda. Yuckity yuck yuck.

Anyhoo, I'm SUPER stuffed up. Like my sinuses are all swollen and I feel yucky. Blah ditty blah. Not doing that again.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm glad my brother-in-law posted this article for me to read on my last day of the Whole 30 challenge. I feel a great amount of accomplishment for having given up my breads and pastas (not to mention liquor!) for a whole thirty days! I didn't even know it would be possible, let alone as easy as it was. Yes, I suffered initial detox crab monster mode, but I got over it. And the only time I really thought about eating bread was when it was sitting right in front of me smelling delightfully delicious.

Bread was already one of those things that I didn't purchase and keep in the house because I could sit down to eat a whole loaf of french bread. Easy. I still had sandwiches when out to eat or for parties and such. I was like a part-time breadaholic. I feel much better--emotionally and physically--having cut the ties.

I still feel as though I may try to reintroduce foods individually to see where my personal tolerance lies. Everyone is different after all. I've suspected for a long time I had an allergy to gluten, but I'd like to see if other grains bother me as well. Time for the testing fun to begin! Just like it says in the article, I'm kinda nervous. It's easier to have the Whole 30 to rely on. "I can't have that because I'm doing the Whole 30." Now I can. If I want to. But do I? Let me tell you, I REALLY want a glass of red wine. And by glass, I mean bottle.

I definitely need to work on a game plan, but I'm really happy with my Whole 30 experience overall. I feel good- no bloaty, crappy feeling anymore. I sleep REALLY well (this is a biggy for me) and although I still have issues getting out of bed in the morning, I feel much more energetic throughout the day (and evening) once I do get up. Best of all, I forget to take my allergy medicine because my formerly constant seasonal allergies are much less severe.

I keep thinking I want to get back into an activity routine, but purposely held off through January because I wanted to see what affect just changing my eating habits would have on my body. I will say that I have always had issues with weight and sometimes I have not handled those as well as other times. I have not always been kind to my body and sometimes I feel like it hates me for all the things it's been through. Silly right?

Well, so by just switching to real, whole foods--which by the way are good for you--for only a short span of thirty days I dropped six inches. One here, one there... six of them. Crazy right? That was a thirteen pound loss for January. Yay for me! That is practically a pants size. Almost makes me want to go shopping. It does make me want to continue down this path and get back onto my yoga mat for even better results. Stay tuned.


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