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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm glad my brother-in-law posted this article for me to read on my last day of the Whole 30 challenge. I feel a great amount of accomplishment for having given up my breads and pastas (not to mention liquor!) for a whole thirty days! I didn't even know it would be possible, let alone as easy as it was. Yes, I suffered initial detox crab monster mode, but I got over it. And the only time I really thought about eating bread was when it was sitting right in front of me smelling delightfully delicious.

Bread was already one of those things that I didn't purchase and keep in the house because I could sit down to eat a whole loaf of french bread. Easy. I still had sandwiches when out to eat or for parties and such. I was like a part-time breadaholic. I feel much better--emotionally and physically--having cut the ties.

I still feel as though I may try to reintroduce foods individually to see where my personal tolerance lies. Everyone is different after all. I've suspected for a long time I had an allergy to gluten, but I'd like to see if other grains bother me as well. Time for the testing fun to begin! Just like it says in the article, I'm kinda nervous. It's easier to have the Whole 30 to rely on. "I can't have that because I'm doing the Whole 30." Now I can. If I want to. But do I? Let me tell you, I REALLY want a glass of red wine. And by glass, I mean bottle.

I definitely need to work on a game plan, but I'm really happy with my Whole 30 experience overall. I feel good- no bloaty, crappy feeling anymore. I sleep REALLY well (this is a biggy for me) and although I still have issues getting out of bed in the morning, I feel much more energetic throughout the day (and evening) once I do get up. Best of all, I forget to take my allergy medicine because my formerly constant seasonal allergies are much less severe.

I keep thinking I want to get back into an activity routine, but purposely held off through January because I wanted to see what affect just changing my eating habits would have on my body. I will say that I have always had issues with weight and sometimes I have not handled those as well as other times. I have not always been kind to my body and sometimes I feel like it hates me for all the things it's been through. Silly right?

Well, so by just switching to real, whole foods--which by the way are good for you--for only a short span of thirty days I dropped six inches. One here, one there... six of them. Crazy right? That was a thirteen pound loss for January. Yay for me! That is practically a pants size. Almost makes me want to go shopping. It does make me want to continue down this path and get back onto my yoga mat for even better results. Stay tuned.

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