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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free Food

It's wintery outside and I don't have any work this weekend (unless you count roller skating...I'm sure there will be an update on that), so I'm paying the house a little attention.

When is the last time you cleaned your cleaning products? Or appliances? It has been way too long for me. I cleaned off the dishwasher. Yuck! I wiped away grease on the stove and the tile surrounding it. I disinfected the interior of the fridge as I tossed old products and items that no longer fit into my dietary vision. The microwave got a lemon water steam bath and the cupboard fronts were wiped down as well.

Then I tackled the pantry. All the items I no longer intend to eat are boxed up. I hope someone will be interested in using some of the food, but the unopened things can always go to the food bank. The bread machine and toaster are out. The pasta and rice containers are emptied. And those 50's flour and sugar containers now happily contain coconut flour and coconut sugar...items I actually use.

I have so much more on the agenda for today. Now to whip the rest of the house into shape!


  1. You might want to consider keeping coconut and almond flours in the refrig.

  2. The almond flour I do. I hadn't seen that for coconut flour.



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