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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miserable Lessons

Oh the lessons we learn.

Today I picked up a pre-packaged salad for lunch...with a little shredded cheese and milk-based dressing. It honestly wansn't too bad. I was nervous how I would handle the dairy. I've felt better, but lunch didn't kill me.

Then I headed downtown for a night out. I arrived to find that "dinner" was a pulled meat sandwich, pasta salad, and chips. I had a pile of the meat and two captain and diets.

It's hard to say what made me feel worse. Was there random crap in the sauce... or meat? Or was it just the liquor? Or soda for that matter? I haven't had suger much for the last month except in fruit and I admit, coconut milk. Let me tell you... I don't care if I ever have another soda. Yuckity yuck yuck.

Anyhoo, I'm SUPER stuffed up. Like my sinuses are all swollen and I feel yucky. Blah ditty blah. Not doing that again.

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